QuickBooks not calculating Taxes while creating paychecks

I am trying to create paychecks for my employees but as soon as I click on pay employee It asks for an update. I have updated payroll many times but it still asks to update again . This is not calculating the taxes correctly and some paychecks are blank. Someone help!

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Tax calculations while creating paychecks is very important, the calculations have to be accurate as per the particular state and in case they are not being calculated correctly there might be issues with the Tax Agencies you are dealing with.


Now in QuickBooks there are tax tables that are required to be updated every time before running Payroll and in case you are not able to see the calculations then there can be several reasons behind this problem.


In order to download the latest tax table updates follow the below steps:


  • Got to Employees
  • Then Get Payroll Updates
  • Check the option “Download only the recent changes”
  • Click Update


While following the above steps if you receive any error such as PS023 or PS077. In order to resolve such errors, you would need to follow the below steps:


  1. Ensure that QuickBooks is registered
  2. Check if QuickBooks is updated to latest release
  3. Repair QuickBooks from Programs and Features
  4. Turn off Windows UAC (User Account Control)
  5. Now try to download the Payroll updates again


If the above steps still don’t help you solve the problem then you must contact a certified QuickBooks expert who can assist you.

Answered on June 30, 2018.

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