I have an icon on my QuickBooks Home Screen notifying about expired Payroll subscription? Can this really be an Issue with my Payroll Service Key?

As usual I signed in to My QuickBooks Company and I see a pretty bright red icon notifying about Payroll Activation. I am sure that I was charged only this month for the Payroll service and I have it on my card statement too. How can that be? I successfully paid all employees a day before and that just worked fine. The next Payroll is scheduled in the last day of this month as I pay my employees twice a month. I hate being on wait on the QuickBooks Payroll Support line and listen to that brawny music before getting a live person. My IT consultant guesses that an issues with the Service Key QuickBooks Payroll. How about that?

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Hey Brandon,

Greetings, I feel good to see your post on our QuickBooks Community today about your QuickBooks Payroll Service Key. Let’s get started! and clarify you about your QuickBooks Payroll and the Service Key. The guess about the QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Service Key Errors and problems might have been right. The QuickBooks Payroll Service key is linked with EIN numbers of the company files that you have. The Sync failure between QuickBooks and the Payroll Service with Intuit Servers cribs the validation susceptibility. If the validation fails, you are most likely to get the Payroll expiration notification on QuickBooks home screen or the QuickBooks Payroll won’t update or you may have the incorrect amount of taxes calculated on the paychecks.

Whatever the issue is, the QuickBooks Payroll Service Key Validation is required or a new service key must be obtained from the QuickBooks Payroll Support Team.

The QuickBooks Payroll Service Key is either delivered to your registered email or can be is obtained by logging in to your QuickBooks Payroll Account.

For detailed information about QuickBooks Payroll Service Key, please click on the link below and take look at the related article.

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Answered on June 24, 2019.

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