Network Error while trying to pay Tax Liabilities in QuickBooks

Quickbooks shows a network error when I try to pay our tax liabilities. Our internet otherwise appears to be working normally.

Asked on June 20, 2018 in QuickBooks Payroll.
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There can be multiple reasons why you are unable to pay the Tax Liabilities in QuickBooks, the network error means either there is an application interfering with QuickBooks and not allowing it to communicate to the desired servers properly. Possible cause of this kind of problem can be that QuickBooks does not have enough privileges or there are other services or programs interfering with QuickBooks.


You would need to follow below steps in order to resolve this problem:


Run QuickBooks as an Administrator

  1. Right click on QuickBooks icon on the desktop
  2. Go to Properties
  3. Click on the Compatibility Tab
  4. Check the option “Run this program as an Administrator
  5. Click on Apply and then OK


Start Windows in Selective Startup Mode

  1. Open the Run window
  2. Enter msconfig and click on OK
  3. Go to the General Tab
  4. Click on the Selective Startup radio button
  5. Go to the Services tab
  6. Click on Hide all Microsoft Services checkbox
  7. Click the Disable All button
  8. Uncheck the Hide all Microsoft Services checkbox
  9. In the Services list, ensure that the Windows Installer option is checked
  10. Click OK
  11. Restart the computer


After computer is back on you should now be able to make Tax Liabilities payments in QuickBooks without problems

Answered on June 26, 2018.

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