Not able to update Payroll Tax Tables in Quickbooks Desktop

Quickbooks Desktop fails to download the latest tax tables. Can any one help me resolve this type of problem?

Asked on July 5, 2018 in QuickBooks Payroll.
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To identify and resolve problems so you can update your tax tables in QuickBooks Desktop:

  • First Check your QuickBooks subscription status.
  • Update QuickBooks to the latest release available. (from QuickBooks or manual patch)
  • Refer to the following table below for information on what to do next.
  • Try to update the tax tables again. If you still can’t update successfully, follow the next steps.
  • Check your QuickBooks Internet connection setup.

QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Tax Tables

A payroll tax table is a chart that characteristic different columns, helping to figure out the suitable taxes to be withheld from the employee’s paycheck.

Withholding taxes are affected by several factors such as the income sum, whether the worker is unmarried or married, and the schedule by which the worker is paid whether bi-weekly or monthly.

Things to Remember:

Intuit recommends that you download your tax table every time you pay employees or at least every 45 days.
To receive payroll tax table updates automatically as soon as they get released, turn on the automatic updates feature in QuickBooks Desktop.

Steps to Download QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Tax Table Updates: 

Perform these steps to complete the process:

  • First of all, click Employees and then get Payroll Updates.
  • After that, click to choose Download entire payroll update.
  • Choose Update option.
  • Once the download is finished, a pop-up message will appear “A New tax table and updates to your payroll tax forms have been installed on your Desktop.
  • Click OK to read about the modification.” Click OK.
Answered on July 16, 2018.

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