This may look stupid, but I would like to know the possibility to export my chart of accounts to Excel?

We have created a new company file and would to use the same chart of accounts one of our existing company files. Not sure, do we have to export chart of accounts QuickBooks in excel format or some other file? The information at the earliest on this is welcomed.

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Exporting chart of accounts from QuickBooks to Microsoft Excel can be done with ease. The source company file must be verified for data integrity issues before you begin to export QuickBooks chart of accounts.  This step is to ensure there are no errors or damages in the QuickBooks company file. This process will also help you to get rid of duplicates in QuickBooks.  You can export QuickBooks chart of account in Excel, CSV and in IIF (Intuit interchange format) format. Most of the QuickBooks users use Excel or CSV format to keep a record of their chart of accounts. importing IIF files in QuickBooks is more user-friendly.  QuickBooks desktop uses IIF file is a format which to import and export the data from or to the different platforms.

The other excel file format shows an error when exporting data from QuickBooks. The data export errors in QuickBooks are caused due to a mismatch in the fields. The general fields are email, phone, items which are already in your QuickBooks and vice-versa.  You can dial our QuickBooks Support Number 1-877-263-2742 to have a QuickBooks certified technician to help you with this. You can the article hyperlink below which has steps to export QuickBooks chart of accounts to excel and related information.

Exporting and importing with QuickBooks may be tricky at times, you need to be fairly conversant with Microsoft Excel.

Article Link:


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Answered on April 15, 2019.

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