What to do when QuickBooks freezes?

Hi, I close my QuickBooks 2-3 times a day as and when I walk away from my desk for a long duration for obvious reasons. This always works fine but for about a week or so my QuickBooks takes long to open up. This problem has a new face now “QuickBooks Freezes” while opening it. It opens fine 2-3 times out of ten and randomly freezes doing different stuff. I took a note every time the freeing issue in QuickBooks occurred and also sharing that too.

  1. QuickBooks freezes when opening.
  2. QuickBooks freezes after login.
  3. QuickBooks freezes when printing.
  4. QuickBooks freezes when sending emails.
  5. QuickBooks freezes when opening the company file.

These are the actions where QuickBooks stops responding as I recall. I can’t afford to lose the unsaved information when QuickBooks Freezes in the middle of something. I did some tweaks, but the issue stands equally tall as before. Can some help me to get rid of QuickBooks freezing issues?

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Hi Janet,

Thanks for posting your question. To Fix QuickBooks Freezing Issues, it is important to know the causes beforehand. Methods to fix QuickBooks Freezing Issues vary and have different steps altogether to straighten it up.

Causes of Freezing QuickBooks

    • ini file is unreadable or missing


    • Missing or Unsupported Windows Components for QuickBooks.


    • Corrupt QuickBooks installation.


    • QuickBooks services not working.


    • QuickBooks File name is too long or too huge in size.


    • Outdated QuickBooks installation.


The common problems listed cause freezing issues in QuickBooks and those need to be taken care of. All you need to have a technical know-how about software troubleshooting and configuration. However, you can call our QuickBooks Support Number 1-888-660-0582 if you are not comfortable to take on troubleshooting yourself.  The factors those trigger QuickBooks Crash and Freezing Issues can be fixed applying the methods and steps inserted in the link below.

Answered on April 3, 2019.

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