While updating QuickBooks as a scheduled practice, why am I getting error 12002 in QuickBooks?

We try to update our QuickBooks software at least once a month and the Payroll on the day or a day before of processing it. Doing it the same way I am getting QuickBooks Error 12002. As a coincident I had to update QuickBooks Desktop and Payroll both the same day. Having started first, QuickBooks popped up Error 12002, I thought of doing QuickBooks later someday. To ensure the right tax calculation on the paychecks, prioritized the Payroll update. Surprisingly, I had Error 12002 while updating QuickBooks too. As suggested by my IT person, restarting the computer and refreshing the router didn’t even help a bit. What else is can be tired to fix Error 12002 while updating QuickBooks and the Payroll? Some quick suggestions are appreciated. Thanks.

Asked on June 28, 2019 in QuickBooks Errors.
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