Why our QuickBooks has started responding extremely slow?

We have QuickBooks Enterprise 17.0 that we use for two company files in multi user mode from 5 computers. Sometimes it takes forever to open reports or anything else. All our computers along with other IT related stuff is maintained and taken care by a company that we are in contract with. We had all our old computers replaced few months back and they work absolutely great for the other stuff that we use them for. Having the same issues reported by all the users we got the QuickBooks migrated altogether in a new environment. We were happy the way that worked for a couple of weeks but the performance almost became the same again. Unfortunately, I didn’t bookmark the post that I read about some fixes. I am looking forward for the same as early as possible. Thank you very much

Asked on September 10, 2019 in Company File.
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Thank you for posting your concerns in such an expressive way. I am excited to share the information to help you get rid of QuickBooks Performance bottlenecks. Your IT Company must have deployed the best infrastructure there could be some other causes of QuickBooks Performance issues. Additionally, I will be placing a help article link in the concluding lines of this answer that contains all the helpful information.

Boosting Ram Cache improves the QuickBooks performance and is key element for it. The larger company files necessarily need that tweak. That helps you get rid of QuickBooks freezing issues and if the QuickBooks takes very long to open transactions. The file size equal or greater than 500 MB’s in QuickBooks Desktop Pro and Premier must not be used in multi-user mode. Users can have performance issues despite having the right amount of cache configured. Such QuickBooks users must upgrade to QuickBooks Enterprise for better performance experience.

You can call our QuickBooks Support Number for instant help to diagnose and resolve QuickBooks performance Issues. You can take a look at the website to help articles. Hope this helps.


For Technical Assistance – Call @ 1-888-899-5690

Answered on September 10, 2019.

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