Can someone teach me how to rebuild data in QuickBooks?

I have been working on the QuickBooks desktop for over a year now and whenever I try to create a backup of my company data into a small thumb drive it always checks for the integrity and consistency of the data. So far, I’ve been able to successfully rebuild data if I come across some errors while creating the backup without any issues. However, today when I tried to run the same procedure, I received over a thousand error messages and I have already tried to rebuild the data but they are not fixed. I do not want to lose anything because I did not create a backup for them since the last month. I tried to learn how to rebuild data in QuickBooks on the internet but was unable any relevant information. I was definitely doing something wrong and I want to know how to rebuild data in QuickBooks. Can someone please help me resolve this issue?

Asked on July 2, 2019 in Company File.
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