How to Create Estimate in QuickBooks, do I need to upgrade the QuickBooks Version?

Do I need to upgrade to QuickBooks online simple from QuickBooks Self-Employed in order to create Estimates?

Asked on December 27, 2018 in Account Management.
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Hello Noah,

You don’t need to upgrade to QuickBooks online. An estimate, also known as a quote or a bid

Use of estimates in QuickBooks Online:


    1. Assist potential clients to decide whether or not to hire you


    1. Written approval to start the job


    1. Expedite customer billing


    1. Run reports to analyze estimated versus actual costs



How to Create Estimates in QuickBooks Online:

The five steps on how to create estimates in QuickBooks Online are:

    1. Navigate to Create Estimates


Navigate to estimates from the Home page by selecting Estimate below the Customers column, as indicated below:

    1. Create Estimate


Once the estimate form displays, you will select an existing customer from the drop-down menu or create a profile for new customers. You must complete a total of nine fields, which include estimate date and details about the product/service as indicated below:

    1. Customer Name


    1. Customer email address


    1. Billing address


    1. Estimate date


    1. Product/Service


    1. Description


    1. Qty


    1. Rate


    1. Amount



    1. Preview Estimate


Once you have completed all of the necessary fields, you can do a print preview to see what the estimate will look like.

    1. Send Estimate to Customer from QuickBooks Online



    • Save and Send Estimate via Email


    • Review Email Before Sending


    • Save to Send Email



    1. Copy Estimate Info to Invoice


If you’re seeking immediate assistance, you can dial the QuickBooks Customer Help Desk Number.

Answered on February 15, 2019.

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