How can I get rid of the QuickBooks error 6000 95?

I regularly carry a backup of my company file on a flash drive which I restore when I get back home in order to complete any pending tasks. Then, I carry the backup to work with me and restore it in the office to let the staff work on the edited file. However, today when I tried to restore the company file, I received the QuickBooks error 6000 95 message and I am unable to gain access to any of the company files. I have tried to open it on other computers but I keep receiving the same error message. I require help with this as soon as possible so that I can resume my work on QuickBooks.

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Thank you for reaching out to the community regarding this error, I’ll make sure that you get rid of this error. See, QuickBooks error 6000 95 generally affects your system when the file that you are trying to restore, is present on the flash drive and your QuickBooks software program is not granted permission for reading and write from that device.

Now, before we go through the steps of resolving QuickBooks error 6000 95, we must first understand the factors that cause this error to occur.

The following are the factors that causes QuickBooks error 6000 95:

    • QuickBooks error 6000 95 can plague your system when you are converting the accountant’s copy into a file or transferring the file to the accountant’s copy.


    • This error can also occur when the Windows Operating System of your computer is corrupted or experiencing some sort of issue with the mainframe components.


    • The processor of your system might be slow especially when it comes to QuickBooks and this may lead to a delayed response from the software.


    • You do not have the proper permission to open the file or work on QuickBooks.


To know what the steps of resolving QuickBooks error 6000 95 are, you must visit the following article: How to Fix QuickBooks Error 6000 95

If you are still facing the error even after you have performed all the steps as illustrated in the article then, you can contact our QuickBooks ProAdvisor Support.

Answered on July 25, 2019.

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