I have a lot of Vendors in QuickBooks and I would like to know how can I pay them through direct deposit payments?

We have been dealing with a lot of vendors and as of now we pay them through check payments, I recently herd about the Direct Deposit feature in QuickBooks and I want to know how to utilize it.

Asked on December 20, 2018 in Account Management.
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Hi Lita,


Understanding that you want to make the payment procedure for your Vendors easier by utilizing the Direct Deposit Payment feature of QuickBooks. I would say, it is the best way to pay your Vendor bills because it makes the task hassle free.

The Direct Deposit facility is very useful, it allows you to pay your employees as well as vendors and it also saves a lot of time which you can rather invest in the marketing and improvisation of your business.

The following steps will allow you to setup Direct Deposits in QuickBooks:

    1. Navigate to the Vendor Center in QuickBooks


    1. Choose the Vendor to whom you’d like to make Direct Deposit payments


    1. Now, go to the “Additional Info” tab where you can select “Direct Deposit” as the desired payment method


    1. Enter the Bank details to which the direct deposit payments will be credited


Note: At times, you might see a prompt stating that QuickBooks has rejected the Bank information you have entered, it is very important to have your vendor verify their bank details so that they can receive payments for you without any hassle. In case you are not sure if the Bank details are correct or you need to understand the Direct Deposit feature in detail, you must contact a specialist by calling the QuickBooks Support.

    1. You must ensure that a correct email is mentioned in your Vendor settings so that they receive timely notifications whenever you make a payment through the Direct Deposit feature in QuickBooks.


    1. QuickBooks will also ask you to enter the Direct Deposit PIN while making such payments so that no unauthorized payments are made.



Answered on February 8, 2019.

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