How to access QuickBooks remotely?

I  have stationary shops in three different cities and have installed QuickBooks in every store. And QuickBooks is installed at my home computer with the same license. I want to know how to access QuickBooks remotely so that I can access my financial information from all my stores.

Asked on March 20, 2019 in Company File.
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Hi there, thanks for posting your question on our QuickBooks Community.

I understand it is not very easy to go to every store on a daily basis to manage your Books. There are several ways to Access QuickBooks remotely with ease and a huge saving in time and effort. You can set up QuickBooks Remote Access to view and work in your QuickBooks company file remotely. There are many alternate ways available to access QuickBooks Remotely from other locations. QuickBooks remote access is secure services that permit you to access and work in your QuickBooks remotely from any device. The important prerequisite to access QuickBooks remotely is a reliable internet connection. You can access your QuickBooks file, Documents, or can send emails anytime from anywhere by using the remote access services.

With the help of QuickBooks remote access, you can save your time and effort to get the job done from anywhere. There are several tools to access QuickBooks remotely. Following are the few important tools that you can use.

QuickBooks Remote Access tool

QuickBooks remote access tools were based on Cisco WebEx Tool technologies. And it can be used online for meetings and webinars along with remote access to the QuickBooks Company file. WebEx tool also helps you to move or transfer information between local and remote computers, and you can also print the information.

Steps to Access QuickBooks Remotely:

    1. Open a Web browser (Google Chrome, IE 11, Firefox, etc.) on the computer from which you need to access QuickBooks remotely.


    1. Log into your account on the QuickBooks remote access website.


    1. Then click on “Setup computer” and download the remote access tool .exe file.


    1. Double click on the .exe file and follow the onscreen instruction to complete.


Hosting QuickBooks desktop On the Cloud

To access QuickBooks remotely, QuickBooks Cloud Hosting is the most reliable service used nowadays. Intuit allows hosting of QuickBooks desktop on the third-party servers too. You can have multiple users’ setup to access QuickBooks Desktop remotely.  QuickBooks Multi-User Cloud hosting is also possible with full features of the desktop software. The best part of Hosting QuickBooks Desktop on Cloud is its accessibility from mobile-phone or a tablet when you don’t have your laptop handy.

Third Party Tools to Access QuickBooks  Remotely

There are several third-party tools for QuickBooks remote access available in the market. All the Remote Access tools help you with anywhere access to your QuickBooks. In case of difficulties to install any remote tool, please call us for instant help.

Windows Remote desktop For QuickBooks Remote Access

Microsoft provided a remote desktop tool for the windows users to access the files on a different network. In order to access the files from the other computer by using the remote desktop, you need to know the computer IP address. The remote desktop feature is secure and reliable.

Hope all the above solution will help you to access QuickBooks remotely. For more details call us on our pro advisor number.

Answered on March 26, 2019.

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