How to setup QuickBooks Desktop on a Mac using Parallels Application?

One of my colleague uses the Desktop version of QuickBooks on his Mac computer, he told me that he is using an application called Parallels. I need to know how to set that up?

Asked on February 5, 2019 in QuickBooks Desktop.
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Hi Norma,


If you are willing to operate and manage their business accounts with QuickBooks Desktop via Mac then you can use Parallels Desktop, it is a Mac OS application that allows you to run Windows on Mac. Using Parallels desktop you can avoid having to purchase multiple computers. Being able to go between Windows and OS X applications seamlessly is a major benefit of using parallels windows applications. If you’re looking to run QuickBooks for Windows on Mac without rebooting, then follow the steps we will discuss in this blog. We will let you know how you can download and set up QuickBooks Desktop for Mac using Parallels and get started today.

Why MAC users choose parallels Windows?

QuickBooks for Mac doesn’t offer a sync manager, web connector, or QuickBooks SDK and many more services which is easily available in QuickBooks for Windows. If you have any third party application to be integrated with QuickBooks application like e-commerce and other sales channels you won’t be able to do in QuickBooks for MAC. Second, QuickBooks for Mac doesn’t support inventory assemblies, a feature supported in QuickBooks for Windows. QuickBooks Premier and Enterprise on Windows which is very important for the manufacturing firm.

Setup QuickBooks for Windows on a Mac

Parallels Desktop is a Mac OS application that permits you to access Windows on Mac by using parallels application. Parallels Desktop authorizes users to build a virtual machine kind a different computer. As soon as this machine is built, you are free to install any operating system of your preference. After the installation is complete, you can proceed to install or download any application that you want to operate on Windows Desktop. When a person uses Parallels, it becomes very easy for them to operate Windows-based applications on Mac.

Resources requirement to install parallels Windows

  • A full version of windows, an upgrade will not work.
  • Parallels software
  • QuickBooks for Windows
  • A USB Drive or CD drive
  • Magic ISO

Following are the steps to configure Virtual Machine using the Parallels Desktop:

  1. Once you have done download parallels software on your MAC computer.
  2. Configure the Virtual Machine by installing parallels software.
  3. Open the parallels desktop application and go to the file options menu and click on New.
  4. Click install Windows or another OS from DVD, USB and then click on continue.
  5. Select an installation media, If you have created .iso disc image select the disc.
  6. Once you found windows.ISO image selects it and click on continue. On the next screen, you will get a prompt to enter your “Product Key”.
  7. Checkmark on Express installation key and click on Continue.
  8. At the end enter the name of the virtual machine and give the location to it.

Once you have done with installation Launch Microsoft Remote Desktop and input the credentials obtained on your PC, you will have a new screen looks like fresh windows in which you can install any software. Now you can download QuickBooks for windows in parallels windows or if you have CD put it on the CD drive and install the software. Parallels could be a bit sluggish if there is not enough physical memory and processing power available, this makes virtualization of computationally demanding tasks a bit difficult, so be make sure you have good hardware configuration on your MAC machine.

Answered on February 19, 2019.

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