How to resolve the QuickBooks error 6150 which appears when I try to open the Company File?

I am using enterprise V19. Last week a virus had infected my computer, so I contacted the local tech in my area who came and ran the antivirus on the system. This proved to be effective as it disinfected my computer by removing more than 2000 infections. However, when I tried to open my QuickBooks Data file, I received the QuickBooks error 6150 and did not allow me to open up my QuickBooks account.

Asked on July 17, 2019 in Error Messages.
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QuickBooks error 6150 occurs because of the corrupted data file and generally affects your system when your “.QBW” file has been infected with the Crypto Virus. Because of this issue, you will be unable to open the data file and you might have noticed that your other files on the computer have also been corrupted.

Basically, these files are encrypted with the virus and don’t allow you to open the files which are encrypted.

There are two main reasons that cause this message to appear on your system:

    • Your company data file might have retained some sort of damage or they are completely damaged.


    • Your computer system has been infected with the Crypto Wall virus which has already encrypted the file in your system.


Make sure to check for the QuickBooks folder that contains the company data file. Open that folder and search for the document named “DECRYPT_INSTRUCTIONS” (.txt or .html). If you are able to find that file, then that means your computer is already infected.

Now, to know the steps to get rid of QuickBooks error 6150, you will need to read the following article and perform the procedure accordingly: How to resolve QuickBooks Error 6150

However, I am concerned that you have already run an antivirus on it and removed the infections. Doing so might lead to you not being able to find the file in the QuickBooks folder. Due to the crypto wall virus, your company files have been corrupted and even Intuit Data services would not be able to check or repair the file.

You will require a high technical support service to deal with the kind of infection you have on your computer. Do reach out to QuickBooks support  so that we can find some sort of solution.

Answered on July 25, 2019.

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