How to use the QuickBooks resort lists option?

QuickBooks helps me accomplish all of my daily accounting task very easily and efficiently. I generally enter numerous invoices and bills in QuickBooks and approve the bank transaction downloaded from my bank to the check register. I regularly create a backup of all this data every other day. However, today when I was creating a backup, I checked the consistency and integrity of my data and ended up with lots of errors. I was worried about my important data so I started searching on the Internet about this issue and almost every article and website was suggesting that I use the QuickBooks resort lists. I tried to re-sort a couple of them and tried to rebuild as guided. I’m still left with a lot of errors. I want to create a secure backup and need help to resort lists in QuickBooks Desktop and fix issues related to my data.

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I understand the urgency of fixing your data file and creating a secure backup. Resorting your lists will definitely help you fix the issues. However, it depends on the error messages and how deep that error has caused the damages. Most of the time it is a linking issue in your data and the company file. I must tell you that resorting lists in QuickBooks Desktop and rebuilding the data is not the solution every time. You will receive the errors and warnings while creating a backup of your company file.

Rebuilding the data in QuickBooks fixes most of the data issue, but linking issues need to be addressed individually and by going to the root cause of the issue, it is important to follow the correct path otherwise there is a huge chance of your data getting even more corrupted.

If you want to know more about resorting and fixing data issues, read: How Re-sorting QuickBooks Lists Helps you Fix Problems.

The resolution of this issue requires the experience of a technician who is trained in handling such errors. I suggest that you get in touch with ProAdvisor Support.

Answered on July 26, 2019.

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