I am not able to download the latest tax table and in QuickBooks Error PS058 occurs. Don’t know why?

Just to ensure that the correct taxes are calculated on the paychecks. I tried the to update QuickBooks Payroll with the latest tax table and QB Error code PS058 appears. We closed the QuickBooks and tried to update several times but the problem remains the same. What is the cause of Payroll Error PS058? Is it a problem with my QuickBooks Payroll or some other technical glitch? Our computers and internet work just fine as we got them checked in order to get rid of Error Code PS058. Nothing could resolve the payroll update PS058 error, whatever we tried. Can some one help on this the promptest and with the information on my registered email address or call us.

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Hi Tom,

Thanks for your post. I will suggest the best to help you get to the other side of PS058 Payroll Error. We can’t send you the information on your email and request you check for the information in a day or two. You can call us on our QuickBooks Support Number 1-888-660-0582 for immediate help.

Understandably, the taxes won’t calculate correctly in QuickBooks Payroll with an outdated tax table. One of the primary causes of PS058 update error when QuickBooks fails to verify your Payroll subscription at this point in time. However, glitches in QuickBooks or other local issues can also lead to failed QuickBooks Payroll updates PS058. You can get QuickBooks Error PS058 resolved after you have a fair idea of its spark off as stated below.

What Causes of the QuickBooks error PS058?

    • A blocking Firewall or anti-virus software.


    • Overridden Network.


    • Network failure (Latency or Blips).


    • Not signed in as Administrator.


    • Incorrect system date and time (Before Latest Tax Table release date)


    • Inadequate or restricted Permissions.


You can start your troubleshooting as per the checklist of the roots of Payroll Update Error PS058 and hope this helps. Additionally, you can click article link place below for detailed information and the methods to fix Payroll Error PS058 with easy steps.

Article Link


FOR SUPPORT CALL @ 1-888-660-0582

Answered on April 23, 2019.

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