I am not able to install QuickBooks due to some 64-bit installation problem that’s says that there is no space on my hard drive. Why do I have this me

We have windows 10 installed on the computer with reasonably high-end configuration purchased and installed last week. Our computer vending company has done all the quality checks before delivering computers to us. We have been sourcing equipment from the same company for over 10 years and never had problems indeed. Anyways, I would appreciate some quick insights about how to resolve QuickBooks 64- installation problems. Thank you very much.

Asked on September 19, 2019 in Company File.
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Greetings and your post are extremely welcomed on our QuickBooks Community with an assurance of the best resolution to help you fix QuickBooks Error 64. This error is generally discovered being caused by unresponsive elements needed for a smooth installation of QuickBooks.  The missing components lead to possibilities of 64-bit installation Error in QuickBooks. This error is specked as “64-bit installation problem “There is not enough room on drive C:/ to extract this package” As long these missing components remain unresponsive or not placed back in, you won’t get pass QuickBooks 64-bit installation Error. However, I am going to provide you the generic information along with a link to the help article clarifying the resolution of Error 64 while installing QuickBooks. Take a look at the potential causes of QuickBooks Error 64.

Causes of QuickBooks Error 64

    • Inadequate disk or folder permissions.


    • Installed security software blocking isolating or blocking the temporary installation files.


    • Missing/unresponsive windows components required for the smooth installation process.


    • Installation failing to overwrite the previous Installation file or folders.


    • QuickBooks failing to write the Windows registry.


    • Missing.DLL files.


Yet, there could be some additional causes as well those need to be discovered and set right by a Certified QuickBooks Technician. To fix QuickBooks Error 64, patiently go through the help article place underneath along with the steps and methods to resolve QuickBooks 64-bit installation error. Alternatively, you can take help from one of our QuickBooks Technician for quick and expert resolution of issues.

Article Link:


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Answered on September 20, 2019.

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