Import Accountant’s Changes option grayed out in QuickBooks Desktop

Last week I had sent a copy of our company file to our Accountant and now we are not able to import those changes which we received from our Accountant. The option “Import Accountant’s Changes” is grayed out.

Asked on July 17, 2018 in QuickBooks Desktop.
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If you have sent an account copy to your account and after the receiving the file back from the account you are unable to import the file as Import accountant’s changes is greyed out then there might be few reasons.


    • Apparently, someone canceled accountant’s changes (removed the restriction) in your file after creating the accountant’s copy.


    • Unless you have a backup from after the acting copy was created and before it was canceled, you can’t import it.


    • You may need to manually enter any adjustments or have your accountant save his copy as a working file and, then, manually enter any activity from the time you created the acting copy to now.


It sounds like the QB user had canceled the Accountant’s Copy. Once that is done, the link between the Accountant’s Review Copy you have and the database of the client has been severed and there is no way to fix that.

The only alternatives now are to send the client a hard copy of the changes you made for them to re-enter; for you to access the data file either in person or using a remote access alternative to re-enter the changes into their current file; to have the client cancel the Accountant’s Copy if they currently show that one is outstanding then create a new Accountant’s Review Copy for you to re-enter the information in your file; or to use a transaction copier tool that will permit creation of a transaction file that the client can simply import.

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Answered on July 19, 2018.

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