Why did I receive a “Crash: Com Error” message whilst using QuickBooks?

I am using QuickBooks 2017. I keep receiving the “Com Error” message when I try to email an invoice to a customer. When I click on OK, I get the same error message. When I click on OK again my QuickBooks account closes. I have been facing this problem for about a week now. Can anyone help me in resolving this issue?

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Hi there, thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. We have noticed that multiple users are reporting the Crash: com error in Quickbooks message these days. The first instance of the com error emerged during the 2014 updates and solutions to resolve this came subsequently after. QuickBooks com error usually occurs due to critical updates in Microsoft. There are other situations in which QuickBooks desktop com crash can affect your system apart from when you’re mailing invoices. QuickBooks crash com error might occur while setting up a company file, attaching any document to QuickBooks, opening a company file, making deposits or while opening a check register to look for transactions.

Now, before we go through the steps of resolving this error, we must first understand what causes this error to occur.

Factors that cause this error to crash QuickBooks Desktop:

  • The QuickBooks communication process is being blocked by your firewall.
  • Damaged or missing MS-Office and Windows components.
  • QuickBooks has failed to communicate with the Client or Email Service.
  • Missing or Damaged QuickBooks Components.
  • A virus or a trojan is hampering the sync.
  • Malicious software’s deleted the necessary QuickBooks files or components.

The steps to resolve QuickBooks Desktop com Crashes is provided in the following article: (Insert link)

After you have executed all the steps accurately, close all the programs and go back to QuickBooks and try to send the invoice again. If you still face this same issue try to create a new windows user with the admin’s permission and try to send an email. If you have any further queries regarding this issue or you require any other sort of technical assistance, please contact the QuickBooks ProAdvisor Support Number at 1-877-263-2742.

Answered on June 15, 2019.

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