Why I am not able to open my QuickBooks Company File?

Hi there, I never had problems opening QuickBooks Company file. I have tried many things, closed my QuickBooks, restarted my computer and few things I could find online. In spite of applying everything my QuickBooks Company File won’t open. One unusual thing happened that my computer suddenly got shut without any reason 4 p.m. today. I was away from my desk for a short meeting and noticed my computer was powered off. Also, I occasionally access the office computer beyond my office hours to complete the important tasks which are also obstructed. My office starts at 8:30 a.m. I will be thankful for if someone can help me with the best possible information to resolve QuickBooks Company file opening issues. Thanks a lot.

Asked on June 1, 2019 in Company File.
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Hello Luis, thanks for your QuickBooks Community Post and I am pleasured serving you today. Stay certain, I am your geek for today with an assurance to help you with the well-honed information to get you back on track. As you described, the improper shut down may be a cause of not being able to open QuickBooks Company File.                        

Let me go ahead and give you the details of the technical malfunctions that can lead you to a situation for not being able to open the company file from a stone alone computer or from a network host or server computer.

Let’s begin with the stand-alone computer scenario (which otherwise means that, the company file is stored on computer’s hard drive where you have QuickBooks program installed and having trouble opening the company file from and the file is not accessed from any other computer at the same time.

Possible reasons for not able to open the QuickBooks company file and the QuickBooks Errors related to it are mentioned underneath:

The very first thing to be figured out is that, is it really a problem with the QuickBooks Company file or the problem with the QuickBooks Software components. We can perform some simple steps to ensure that the QuickBooks Software is faultless or you are using the correct version of you QuickBooks Desktop Software.

    1. Double Click on QuickBooks Desktop Icon while holding the Ctrl Key down from the keyboard till the time QuickBooks opens and you see the name of the file(s) listed.


    1. From the help menu Update the QuickBooks software to the latest release. Close and open the QuickBooks software normally without holding the Ctrl key and try to open the file, it should open if it was just a software glitch, try the next step if it doesn’t.



    • The company file should be put in a different location and rename it as well and try opening it. Good if that opens this time else you need to know the possible error messages that are showing up, for Instance QuickBooks Error 6123, QuickBooks Error 6189, QuickBooks Error C=343, QuickBooks Error C=422, These Errors normally are the indicators of Damaged Transaction Log .TLG file that logs all changes to the company file before they are written to the file by the database manager and the Network Data (.ND) file that allow QuickBooks Desktop to access a company file in a stand-alone or multiuser environment.  These files have to be renamed from in the file location and recreated in order to open the file flawlessly. However more troubling issues such as data corruption could be the cause that needs to be taken care by an expert to get you going without taking a risk of losing the information.


For detailed information about the causes and resolution of problem opening the QuickBooks Company click on the article link below. I hope that helps.

Article Link:

Guide to Fix QuickBooks Won’t Open Company File Problem

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Answered on June 8, 2019.

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