Why QuickBooks Error Code 9999 – Can’t Update occurs?

Like any given day, I am trying to update the bank and credit transactions linked to my QuickBooks. I keep getting an error 9999 in QuickBooks. I initially presumed it to be a problem caused by my internet. For sure it is not the case as everything online works pretty fine. What are causes QuickBooks error 9999 then? It probably occurred long ago, and don’t know how this was fixed. Could someone please suggest me the steps to fix QuickBooks error 9999 permanently. I can call a halt to my reconciliation for a day or two till I get the information to get rid of QuickBooks Error 9999. Warmly in anticipation and thanks you.

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Hello Paul,

Thanks for writing your concerns about the problem you are facing. QuickBooks Error 9999 is a downloading error and can certainly be fixed with ease.  Various technical abnormalities could be the causes of QuickBooks Error 9999. Once you get to know the cause, you can fix QuickBooks Error 9999 in a flash.

QuickBooks Error Code 9999 Narration

QB 9999 Error Source: QuickBooks Desktop

QuickBooks Error Type: QuickBooks Script Error 9999

Error Description: “Sorry, we can’t update your account. Please try updating again later. (9999)”

Error Code: QuickBooks Error Code 9999

Point of Occurrence: Error 9999 occurs While downloading bank transactions in QuickBooks.

QuickBooks Error 9999 Cause: When the communication between the bank website and QuickBooks fails.                                    

Triggers of QuickBooks Error Code 9999

    • Internet Packet Loss, Internet Blips, and latency.


    • QuickBooks fails to communicate with Banking website.


    • Service request decline caused by response expectancy.


    • Firewall blocks QuickBooks communication with online services/requests.


    • Essential websites are not added as trusted sources.


    • Internet Explorer isn’t the default browser.


Unsurprisingly, Error 9999 occurs in QuickBooks Online too if you are an online user. Most of the resolution steps to fix QuickBooks Error 9999 could nearly be the same. Please click the hyperlink placed on the bottom that will explain you everything. The workable methods on how to fix QuickBooks Error 9999 on your own are also cited within the article.

I Hope the article will help you get rid of QuickBooks Script Error 9999.


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Answered on April 11, 2019.

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