QuickBooks window does not fit on the screen

When I am trying to add new employee, it does not show the save and next button on the screen. It seems like the display is cut off. Can anyone help me resolve this?

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You can try various troubleshooting steps to fix such kind of QuickBooks Display Issue with your QuickBooks and bring it back to the normal view, please follow below steps:

    • Change Windows Resolution Settings




        1. You would need to check and ensure that you have selected the support resolution by going to the Control Panel >> Display Options.


        1. You should select the 1920 x 1080 resolution as a recommendation however you might have to check if it is supported with the computer screen you are using





    • Change DPI Settings for QuickBooks & Windows




        1. Right Click on QuickBooks Icon on your Desktop and go to properties


        1. Select Disable display scaling on high DPI settings, click Apply then OK


        1. Go to Control Panel >> Display Options >> Set the Custom Scaling Level to 100%.





    • Change Desktop View Settings in QuickBooks




        1. Open your QuickBooks Company File >> From Edit Menu, go to Preferences


        1. Now navigate to Desktop View >> My Preferences and ensure One Window. Is selected.




I am sure one of the above troubleshooting steps will help you resolve the problem, alternatively, you can consult a Certified Expert who can assist you.  So get in touch with our QuickBooks data recovery support team by calling on QuickBooks Error Support Desk Number.

Answered on July 15, 2018.

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