Why do QuickBooks Error 12057 pops while updating QuickBooks?

Hi, I am using QuickBooks for 11 years and I love using this accounting application for my Business. I update QuickBooks every time before processing the payroll and today It shows up QuickBooks Error 12057. Despite closing QuickBooks and restarting computer the QB Error 12057 still persists. We don’t want this error to delay the payroll processing. The help with the information to resolve QuickBooks Error 12057  will be highly appreciated.

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Hello Veronica,

Thanks for your posting this Query on community and We are extremely sorry for the inconveniences caused due to Error 12057 in QuickBooks. Be rest assured, I am suggesting you a fix for this particular issue and by following few steps mentioned within the hyperlink inserted in the last. Before troubleshooting QuickBooks Error 12057, Please take a look at the causes of the QuickBooks Error Code 12057 below.

Causes of QuickBooks Error 12057: 

    • Computer Security or firewall is blocking the communication to the Payroll server


    • When your internet connections Timed-out – means random response intervals.


    • Internet packet Lost – When internet data fail to reach their destination across the network.


    • Incorrect Network SSL configuration settings.


    • Internet Explorer is not set as the default browser


    • WinInet API fails to initialize with Standard protocols like HTTP, FTP, and Gopher.


Please open the hyperlink below for details information to resolve QuickBooks Error 12057. The link has all the solutions and steps to get rid of the 12057 error in QuickBooks. You are recommended to perform the steps in the order placed. The troubleshooting must be carried out if you are fairly knowledgeable with the IT stuff or you can have our QuickBooks Certified Technician to help you fix QB Error 12057.


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Answered on April 10, 2019.

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