Why my transactions are missing from QuickBooks?

Missing Transaction in QuickBooks is a weird ever thing I’ve heard of or seen. Yesterday, entered plenty of transactions manually and through bank feeds to deal with them today. Awkwardly, I am not able to find the downloaded bank transactions in my QuickBooks and bank reconciliation won’t work in QuickBooks either. Mystically, I have missing Invoices in my QuickBooks. I don’t what all other transactions are missing in my QuickBooks. I restored QuickBooks backup made yesterday and this company file has missing transactions too. I can’t take anymore chances on it and request the solutions to find missing transactions in QuickBooks anyhow. I will sincerely be obliged.

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Greetings Mr.  Eugene,

Thanks for your post. I am overjoyed to help you find Missing Transaction in QuickBooks. Missing transactions in QuickBooks Is one of the most frequently asked questions. There are a lot of possible reasons behind missing transaction in QuickBooks or transactions not showing them in QuickBooks. First of all, we need to identify the type of missing transaction in QuickBooks e.g. Credit card, debit card or any bank transactions. If you have recently downloaded the bank transactions and you have not matched them in QuickBooks and your credit card was excluded from your Banking section then you are most likely to have to face Missing Transaction in your QuickBooks.

To check the Missing transaction in QuickBooks you can go to Audit trial report, there you see all the transaction those are Missing from your QuickBooks. Few causes of missing transaction in QuickBooks are cited below.

    1. Some of the Banks and credit card companies do not upload the transaction for download the same or the next day and that probably might have been a time when you downloaded them.


    1. Some Bank gives you the only the facility to view transactions those can’t be downloaded into your QuickBooks.


    1. If the transaction you have lost is most recently then you need to wait at least for 24 hours.


You can also take a look at the click the article link underneath to read and learn more on this.

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Answered on April 18, 2019.

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