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Locating Missing Transactions in QuickBooks Desktop

quickbooks missing transactions

Are you concerned about some of the missing transactions in your QuickBooks Desktop? If you work in an organization or you own a business where you maintain all the financial reports. We are obtainable to find your missing transaction which you lost due to any reason.

QuickBooks is a business application where you can accumulate, manage and maintain you’re all accounting related work simply. It is the most reliable software where you can easily manage all your financial stats like creating invoices, managing expenses, and cash flow. QuickBooks is a great accounting software to help you grow business. It gives you the ease of handling your accounting.

Steps to Find out Missing Transactions

  1. Firstly, check the audit report
  2. Secondly, check the Company file
  3. Condense Information (If applicable)
  4. Lastly, re-enter missing transaction if not found

Check your audit report:

We can run the audit trail QuickBooks report where it shows all transactional report and also gives you the ease to find the missing or deleted transactions. QuickBooks gives you the platform where you can manipulate product details, payroll system, and company information. In this report we can find some advanced features and options for showcasing deleted values of recorded transactions and we can also highlight them.  Any kind of modification or data change can be shown here for any specific sections. For example: In an organization’s company file, the product value can be changed by replacing the old products with new ones. We can identify those values as it will be highlighted in bold format.

We can access the audit trail report in reports menu by selecting account and taxes option and then locate the audit trail option. Where you can customize your report by the help of transaction date, type of transaction/date/name. It helps you to get an accurate method to manipulate large data in the desired format. It help you to modify it easily.

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Check the Company File:

In your company file, there might be ample amount of data where a single missing transaction is hard to find sometimes. However with the correct information and approach we can find it. One person may own different type of businesses and have different company files.

We can check the correct file location by pressing the F2 key. It will bring the entire information of the file along with product information and software version. By choosing the correct file we can find and track the changed or deleted transactions.

Condense Information:

This is one of a major and critical feature in QuickBooks where we can remove the information from an existing file and reduce the file size along with unwanted financial transaction to a specific date.

It facilitates to choose a specific date range to keep or delete certain data from the file. So just to ensure if a transaction has been deleted during the data condense process. We may have to take the help of the experts who can help you retrieve the information.

Re-enter the missing transactions:

We can re-enter the missing or deleted transaction if it has not been solved by the above-mentioned steps. It seemed easy however there is a cache for this step that we have the ensure reentering the transaction may duplicate it or balance in your account may be affected. So during this course if any issues occur then it is advisable to speak to an expert who can assist you balancing the data.

If you are looking for technical help, Instant connect us at QuickBooks Desktop Support Number (Toll-Free) and speak to Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor Support Team.

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