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Xero Helpdesk - Get In Touch

Welcome to Xero Customer Service! It’s a pleasure to have you here. Our team of professionals is committed to making sure that you have a successful and seamless experience with Xero. We’re here to help, whether you need assistance or have questions about the accounting software.

Customer Care Helpline

Phone: +1-855-875-1223
Hours: Monday-Friday, 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM (Your Time Zone)

Live Chat Helpdesk

Our live chat helpdesk is available during business hours for real-time assistance. Click the “Live Chat” button to connect with our Xero Experts.

Email Assistance

Email: [email protected]
We will get back to you within 24-48 hours of asking your query

The Xero Assistance Services We Provide

Installation and Setup

Xero Setup and Configuration

We provide complete assistance for setting up and configuring the Xero software, making sure you have the tools, settings, and integrations needed for effective account management.

User Training

Training and Guidance

Customized workshops, training sessions, and materials to help you and your team, raise financial literacy levels, and increase productivity are provided by our experts.

pos assistance

Expense Tracking and Management

With the help of our service, you can track and manage your expenses for better financial control. We also provide comprehensive solutions for expense tracking and management.

Customized Solutions and Integrations

We help you with Xero’s customized software configurations and third-party integrations, that allow you to increase your operations and workflows.


Financial Reporting and Analysis

We provide powerful financial reporting and analysis tools through our expert services and businesses can obtain insights and make defensible decisions based on financial data.

Payroll Processing and Compliance

Our service gives businesses a hassle-free way to manage employee payroll accurately by making the payroll processing process easy and guaranteeing compliance with tax regulations.

Get Instant Help With Various Xero Products

Xero HQ

For accountants and bookkeepers, this is a management tool that provides capabilities for collaboration, reporting, client management, and workflow processes to increase productivity. Feel free to reach out to us for any assistance you require in this sector.

Xero Practice Manager

With features for time tracking, task management, client communication, and financial management, it assists accounting firms in managing workflow, client relationships, and billing procedures. If you need any help with this, you can contact our experts.

Xero Cashbook

This is a condensed edition of Xero usually used for simple bookkeeping requirements; for small businesses or sole proprietors with uncomplicated finances. For any help required, you can reach out to our experts for better assistance.

Xero Workpapers

Accounting workflows are easier with Xero Workpapers, which facilitate document management, teamwork, and audit readiness while guaranteeing financial reporting accuracy and compliance.

How Is Our Xero Customer
Service Different from Others?


Our professional expertise delivers specialized knowledge, customized solutions, and assistance for better user support, making our Xero customer service stand out.

Committed Assistance

We are committed to providing our clients with individualized guidance, prompt responses, and direct assistance. This approach builds lasting relationships and increases customer satisfaction.

Customized Solutions

We help you with solutions that provide detailed assistance to meet the requirements of your business, guaranteeing detailed and successful resolution of every issue.

Strategic Partnership

To achieve mutual success, we strategically partner with businesses by enhancing relationships with them, providing advice, and coordinating support with long-term goals.

Value-Driven Approach

We ensure customer satisfaction and success, and our value-driven approach gives high priority to providing measurable benefits, solutions, and improvements.

Proactive Issue Resolution

To ensure easy operations and minimal disruptions, our team helps you actively identify and address potential problems before they have an impact on your business’s accounting process.

Process We Follow for Consulting Your Queries


Initial Assessment

Firstly we go through the initial assessment phase which involves reviewing the submitted queries to understand their scope, urgency, and complexity.


Strategy Development

Developing strategies include creating structured plans to respond to inquiries easily and making use of resources to guarantee that you receive the best solutions for your problems.



To properly answer your questions, we carry out planned solutions and make the required adjustments or configurations within Xero.


Monitoring and Assistance

We provide continuous support and direction to guarantee query resolution and user satisfaction, monitoring involves supervising solutions that need to be implemented.

Common Errors Of Xero

Error Code 500:

Indicates a server error

Error Code 400:

Signifies a client-side issue

Error Code 503:

Indicates that Xero service is temporarily unavailable

Error Code 404:

The requested resource is not found on the server

Error Code 403:

The user does not have permission to access the resource

Error Code 429:

Signifies that the user has exceeded the rate limit for API requests

Error Code 409:

Indicates a conflict with the current state of the resource

Error Code 502:

A bad gateway trying to connect to Xero's servers

Error Code 504:

Indicates that the server took too long to respond to the request

Error Code 401:

The user is not authorized to access the requested resource

Error Code 408:

Suggests that the client request has timed out

Error Code 503:

Indicates that the service is temporarily unavailable due to maintenance

Error Code 429:

ActiveX Component Error ( Sage HR).

Error Code 49156:

Data Import/Export Error (Sage X3).

Error Code 4985:

Backup/Restore Error (Sage HR).

Error Code 5071:

Tax Calculation Error ( Sage Intacct).

Error Code 8505:

Connectivity Error ( Sage HR).

Error Code 9119:

Integration Error ( Sage Payroll)

Explore Xero’s Features and Functionalities

Pay Bills

You can pay bills easily by scheduling payments, keeping track of deadlines, and managing vendor payments. Strong supplier relationships are maintained and on-time payments are guaranteed by this process.

Claim Expenses

You can claim expenses in Xero by categorizing them, reconciling transactions, and uploading receipts. This procedure guarantees tracking of expenses and facilitates prompt reimbursement for expenses.

Bank Connections

With this feature, bank accounts can be easily integrated, facilitating automatic transaction import, reconciliation, and real-time cash flow monitoring which will improve the financial management processes.

Accept Payments

With Xero, invoice generation, multiple payment options, and automatic payment reconciliation make it simple for businesses to receive payments from clients and guarantee prompt receipt of funds.

Track Projects

Businesses can manage budgets, track expenses, and monitor project progress with Xero. You can guarantee project success and make well-informed decisions with real-time insights into project profitability.

Pay Runs

Pay runs make it easier for companies to handle employee data, process payroll, and maintain tax compliance. This makes sure that workers will be paid on time and accurately.

Bank Reconciliation

The process of matching transactions between accounting records and bank statements is made easier with bank reconciliation. This guarantees financial reporting accuracy and gives companies a financial picture.

Manage Xero Contacts

In Xero, managing contacts is effortless, allowing businesses to organize and maintain customer and supplier information easily. You can also improve vendor management and customer relationships with Xero.

Online Invoicing

Professional invoices can be created and sent online, allowing quicker payment processing. Businesses can make their invoicing process easy by providing secure payment options, and automated reminders.

Multi-Currency Accounting

You can easily handle transactions in various currencies through Xero. By utilizing automated currency conversion, real-time exchange rates, and precise reporting, you can oversee their global operations and finances.

Accounting Dashboard

The accounting dashboard gives companies a thorough picture of their financial performance. Businesses can confidently make decisions with customizable data updates, and key financial metrics displayed at a glance.

Capture Data and Store Files

Businesses can easily collect data and store files in Xero, guaranteeing quick access to data. It also makes record-keeping procedures easier with the help of secure cloud storage and document management features.

Frequently Asked Questions

Go to the “Help” or “Support” section of Xero’s website to get in touch with them. From there, you can get help using Xero’s accounting software through a variety of channels, including phone, email, and live chat.

Indeed, one of Xero’s customer service options is chat assistance. By visiting the “Help” or “Support” section of their website and starting a chat session with an Xero expert, you can obtain chat assistance through their website.

Go to “Settings” > “General Settings” > “Users” after logging into your Xero account to give Xero service access. Next, select “Invite a User” and type the desired access level into the email address [email protected].

Yes, you can contact Xero by email if you have any questions or need help. To get help, just send an email to [email protected] with the specifics of your question, and someone from the Xero service team will get back to you.

You have two options for handling data migration from your current systems to Xero: use Xero’s import tools or ask Xero’s migration partners for help. They provide services for a smooth data transfer, guaranteeing accuracy and compliance all along the way.

Sure, I can offer advice regarding Xero integrations and add-ons. I can guide appropriate options and their implementation within your Xero environment, whether your goals are to improve functionality, optimize your workflow, or integrate with other tools.

Create an account on the Xero website to get started. Look through their extensive tutorials and guides for help with setup. In addition, think about speaking with a Xero advisor for customized implementation and onboarding assistance based on your company’s requirements.

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