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Self-Employed, Self-Employed Tax Bundle & Self-Employed Live Tax Bundle

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QuickBooks Self-Employed Features

Managing finances as a self-employed individual can be intimidating, but QuickBooks Self-Employed is here to simplify the process. Self-Employed is a user-friendly accounting tool designed for freelancers, independent contractors, and solopreneurs. Along with keeping track of your invoices and expenses, it also automatically logs your mileage, streamlines the process of paying your quarterly taxes, creates financial reports, and can categorize expenses into Schedule C categories. Whether you're a freelancer. a gig worker, or a consultant, this software is tailored to meet your unique financial business needs.

Expense Tracking

Automatically categorize and track expenses by linking your bank accounts and credit cards.

Income Tracking

It automatically categorizes your income, making it simple to see how much you're earning. you're earning

Mileage Tracking

Track and deduct mileage for business-related trips, helping you maximize your tax deductions.

Tax Deduction Maximization

Keep tabs on tax deductions specific to self-employed individuals, such as home office expenses, business-related travel, and more.

Quarterly Estimated Taxes

It helps estimate your quarterly tax payments based on your income and deductions.


Track when your invoices are considered and paid, assuring you stay on top of your cash flow.

Financial Reports

Access financial reports, including profit and loss statements, to gain insights into your business's health.

Integration with TurboTax

Import your data from QuickBooks Self-Employed into TurboTax for simple and accurate tax preparation.

Our Services

Expense Tracking

You can organize and track your company expenses easily, helping you keep a history of deductible business expenses.

Income Tracking

We allow you to connect your bank accounts and credit cards to automatically track your income. It helps you differentiate between business and personal income.


You can create and send professional invoices to your consumers directly from the medium. It facilitates speedier payment and maintains a history of your invoices.

Mileage Tracking

The software contains a mileage tracker to keep track of your business-related travel. You can use this tool to declare mileage as a tax deduction.

Quarterly Estimated Taxes

Budgeting for taxes is made easier with QuickBooks Self-Employed, which estimates your calculated quarterly tax payments based on your income and expenses.

Tax Deduction Tracking

To avoid missing any permissible deductions, it lets you determine prospective tax deductions depending on your business expenses.

Year-End Tax Prep

You can produce and export tax reports using QuickBooks Self-Employed at tax time, which will make it simpler to fill out Schedule C for your yearly tax return.

TurboTax Integration

You can seamlessly transfer your financial data to TurboTax, another Intuit product, for easy and accurate tax filing.

Financial Reports

To help you understand the financial fitness of your company, the program delivers fundamental financial reports like profit and loss statements.

Receipt Capture

Using the mobile app, you can take images of your receipts, and the software will store them digitally for tax reporting and expense management.

Quarterly and Year-End Tax Reports

QuickBooks Self-Employed generates tax reports to assist you in organizing your quarterly evaluated taxes and year-end tax returns.

Customer Support

You might have access to customer support for help with your accounting and tax-related queries depending on your subscription level.

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