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Welcome to FreshBooks Customer Service! It’s a pleasure to have you here. Our professional and competent staff is dedicated to offering you the best help possible to make sure that you are not facing any problems while using FreshBooks. Please get in touch with us, whenever you need. We’re happy to assist you.

Customer Care Helpline

Phone: +1-855-875-1223
Hours: Monday-Friday, 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM (Your Time Zone)

Live Chat Helpdesk

Our live chat helpdesk is available during business hours for real-time assistance. Click the "Live Chat" button to connect with our FreshBooks Experts.

Email Assistance

Email: [email protected]
We will get back to you within 24-48 hours of asking your query

The FreshBooks Assistance Services We Provide

Installation and Setup

FreshBooks Setup and Configuration

We ensure that you have all the tools, settings, and integrations required for efficient account management when it comes to installing and configuring the FreshBooks software.

User Training

Training and Guidance

Our experts provide customized training sessions, workshops, and materials to help you and your team become more financially literate and productive.

Hardware and Software Troubleshooting

Customized Workflows

We provide customized workflows made to fit your company's needs, which will help you maximize productivity and efficiency in handling money, billing, and spending.

Configuration and Customization

Integration Solutions

With the help of our experts, your company can connect with a variety of platforms and make their workflows better for increased productivity and efficiency.

Performance Optimization

Through customized strategies, our experts will help you maximize performance and improve profitability and accuracy in invoicing, and financial management for long-term growth.

Migration Assistance

With the help of our professional migration assistance your financial data will move to the platform with the least amount of disruption and maximum efficiency.


User Adoption Program

Our experts will help you lead your team through platform utilization to maximize productivity and guarantee smooth integration into your workflow.

Professional services

Strategic Consulting Services

With the help of our professional advice and strategic consulting, your business will reach its goals and improve its financial management procedures.

qb accontant assistance

Dedicated Team

Our experts are available to provide ongoing assistance, answer your questions, resolve issues, and assist with any challenges you may encounter while using FreshBooks.

Get Instant Help With Various FreshBooks Products

FreshBooks Lite

This is a subscription plan for independent contractors and small enterprises that includes all the features they need, including time tracking, expense tracking, invoicing, and basic reporting. Feel free to reach out to us for any assistance you require in this sector.

FreshBooks Plus

This product meets the needs of expanding businesses by providing extra features like client retainers, late payment penalties, recurring invoices, and sophisticated reporting. If you need any help with FreshBooks Plus, you can contact our experts.

FreshBooks Premium

This plan is ideal for larger businesses with complex accounting needs, that offer advanced features like dedicated account managers, personalized training, and assistance. For any help required, you can reach out to our experts for better assistance.

How Is Our FreshBooks Customer
Service Different from Others?


Our professional expertise delivers specialized knowledge, customized solutions, and assistance for better user support, making our FreshBooks customer service stand out.

Committed Assistance

We are committed to providing our clients with individualized guidance, prompt responses, and direct assistance. This approach builds lasting relationships and increases customer satisfaction.

Customized Solutions

We help you with solutions that provide you with detailed assistance to meet your requirements, guaranteeing detailed and successful resolution of every issue.

Strategic Partnership

We strategically partner with businesses by building their relationships, offering guidance, and coordinating support with long-term business goals to achieve mutual success.

Value-Driven Approach

We guarantee client happiness and business success, and we place a strong emphasis on delivering measurable benefits, solutions, and enhancements with our value-driven approach.

Proactive Issue Resolution

To ensure easy operations and minimal disruptions, our team helps you actively identify and address potential problems before they have an impact on your business’s accounting process.

Process We Follow for Consulting Your Queries


Initial Assessment

Firstly we go through the initial assessment phase which involves reviewing the submitted queries to understand their scope, urgency, and complexity.


Strategy Development

We develop strategies to Create organized plans to address your questions quickly and utilize resources to ensure you get the best solutions for your issues.



To properly answer your questions, we carry out planned solutions and make the required adjustments or configurations within the FreshBooks software.


Monitoring and Assistance

Monitoring involves overseeing solutions that must be put into practice. We offer constant guidance and assistance to ensure query resolution and customer satisfaction.

Common Errors Of FreshBooks

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Explore FreshBooks Features and Functionalities


FreshBooks makes accounting easy and it simplifies financial reporting, expense tracking, and invoicing. Accounting is easy for companies of all sizes because of its user-friendly interface and time-saving automation.


With FreshBooks AppStore, it gives you access to a wide range of third-party integrations and apps. This ecosystem will improve user productivity, customization, and functionality.


Through simplified bookkeeping, you can track your income and expenses, generate financial reports, reconcile your accounts, and work with your accountant within the platform.

Expenses and Receipts

Receipt capture, expense classification, and transaction reconciliation are all made effortless with FreshBooks. The process is easy and automated, which guarantees accuracy and saves time.


With customizable templates, automated reminders, and online payment options, FreshBooks made invoicing manageable. You can also optimize your billing procedure for increased productivity and cash flow control.

Mileage Tracking

Tracking mileage is made effortless by making it simple to log business miles, organize trips, and determine reimbursements. You can prepare taxes easily with its mobile app integration, which guarantees accurate records.

Time Tracking

FreshBooks has tools for classifying tasks, recording billable hours, and creating client invoices, and makes time tracking easier. Its cross-platform integration guarantees precise timekeeping for project administration.

Payroll Management

This feature makes employee payments easy with options for direct deposit, tax filings, and automated calculations. You can be assured of better financial record-keeping because of its accounting features.

Report and Analysis

FreshBooks gives you insights into your company's profitability, cash flow, and performance. Reports that can be customized help with strategic planning and decision-making for long-term growth.

Project Management

With tools for task tracking, teamwork, and time tracking, FreshBooks improves project management. Within the platform, you can manage deadlines, invoice clients, and workflows.

Set Estimates and Proposals

You can effortlessly create expert estimates and proposals with FreshBooks. Businesses can win more clients by making their sales process easy and utilizing features that can easily be customized.

Mobile Accounting

You can handle your finances while on the with its mobile accounting features. You can track spending, generate invoices, and remain up to date on financial activities from anywhere and at any time.


A cloud-based accounting program called FreshBooks is intended for professionals who work for themselves, freelancers, and small enterprises. To effectively manage their finances and expand their businesses, users can benefit from its assistance with simplifying invoicing, expense tracking, time management, and financial reporting.

By going to their website and using the “Support” or “Contact Us” sections, you can get in touch with FreshBooks customer service. They provide help through several channels, including phone, email, and live chat in addition to a vast knowledge base and community forum.

The customer service hours of FreshBooks may change based on the service plan and region. On weekdays, they usually provide support during regular business hours. On weekends and holidays, they may not provide help to you. For specific hours depending on your plan and location, check their website.

With its main office located in Toronto, Ontario, FreshBooks was established in Canada in 2003. Although its target market is mainly in North America, the company operates internationally, offering cloud-based accounting software to freelancers and businesses all over the world.

Yes, users can get help from FreshBooks’ technical help team for any problems they may run into while utilizing the platform. They provide several support avenues, including phone, email, and live chat, in addition to a community forum and extensive knowledge base for troubleshooting help.

Yes, FreshBooks can help with questions about subscriptions or billing. To guarantee that users have a flawless experience, their customer service team is available to answer any queries or worries about billing, subscription plans, payment processing, and account management.

Customers can get free customer service from FreshBooks. Their expert staff is available to assist users in getting the most out of FreshBooks, whether it be with technical support, billing questions, or general platform inquiries.

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