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QuickBooks is a business accounting software used to manage sales and expenses and keep track of daily transactions. You can use this software for various purposes like running reports, sending estimates, managing bills, track inventory, invoice and payments, payroll etc. The software is ideally designed to cater solopreneur and mid-sized businesses. QuickBooks has three versions: Pro, Premier, and Enterprise. Each version supports different types of businesses. You can choose the version as per your requirements.

You can print pay stubs in QuickBooks very easily, go through some simple steps. There two ways to print pay stubs in QuickBooks. You can follow any method as per your convenience or requirement.

  • Print pay stubs from the file menu:
  • Select file, go to print forms and click on pay stubs.
  • Select your payroll bank account, enter the date range according to your requirement.
  • You can also filter by employee, select the drop-down menu next to employee.
  • Select the pay stub(s) you want to print.
  • If you want to check before printing, select Preview to view the pay stub.
  • To select the company and employee information that will be printed on the pay stub, select Preferences.
  • If you would like to print a global message on each pay stub, enter text in the Company message to be printed on all pay stubs box.
  • Select Print.
  • Print pay stubs from paycheck:
  • Open the paycheck in QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Above the check, select the Print icon. And choose Pay Stub.

It is important to update your QuickBooks periodically, this way you will get to know the new features and advancements. This will make enhance your productivity. There are three methods through which you can download the update from the internet.

  • Automatic Update Method
  • Immediate Update Method
  • Release Download

Automatic Update Method

QuickBooks automatically download updates until you disable the Automatic Update option. Follow the steps mentioned below to enable or disable the Automatic Update option:

  1. Go to the Help menu and select Update QuickBooks.
  2. In the Update QuickBooks window, click the Options tab.
  3. Select Yes to enable and No to disable the Automatic Update option.
  4. Click Save.

If you experience problems with the automatic update, try the alternative Immediate Update Method.

Immediate Update Method

With Immediate Update method, you can immediately download updates from the Intuit server. It is recommended that you check for updates once a month. You can follow these steps to get QuickBooks updates:

  1. Go to the Help menu and click Update QuickBooks.
  2. Click the Update Now tab.
  3. Select the updates to download and click Get Updates.
  4. Exit QuickBooks. Depending on the version you have, QuickBooks will prompt you to install the update now or the next time you start your software. When it does, click Install Now or Yes to install the update. After installing the update, restart your computer.

Note: If you want to check the list of updates or changes. Click on the Updates option and open the Maintenance Releases.

Release Download

If you are facing problems while installing updates using the update feature in QuickBooks, you can download and install available updates. If you own multiple copies of QuickBooks, be sure to update them all, otherwise, you may not be able to open your company file(s).
To share an update, all QuickBooks Pro or Premier users on your network should complete the following steps:

  1. Open the shared company file.
  2. Go to the Help menu and select Update QuickBooks.
  3. Click the Options tab.
  4. Set the Share Download option to Yes.
  5. Click the Save button.

Database server manager installation is compulsory because without installation you cannot use multiple version of QuickBooks Desktop software. Make sure that you have an updated version of QB Server Manager. Just follow the steps mentioned below to Setup QuickBooks Database Server Manager.

    • Open QuickBooks Database Server Manager, Scan the files you need to organize for multi-user access.
    • If you want to add new files, use Monitored Drives Feature and make sure that Database Server Manager is updated.

Note: Ensure that users are logged into the company files and they are connected to the server.

  • If you would like to change the status of the service, use Service Administrative Tool.
  • You can finally use Updates feature and download latest updates of the QuickBooks Server.

To setup QuickBooks on two computers, you have to buy additional licenses. You can use up to five user licenses for QuickBooks Pro and QuickBooks Premier. Both versions come with one license. Below are the steps mentioned to set up QuickBooks on a multi-user mode.

  • If your QuickBooks is downloaded from Intuit, Double Click the downloaded installation file to launch Intuit QuickBooks Installer. Click Next, go to License Agreement and select I agree.
  • First Check the checkbox and next you must agree the “license agreement” on the License Agreement page of the Intuit QuickBooks Installer, and click “Next” to go to the Choose Installation Type page.
  • Choose installation type page. Select Express to get installation options.
  • Select Customer and Network Options to share QB across a network.
  • Click Next, go to the License and Product Number page. Enter the details.
  • Review your settings at the Ready to Install page for accuracy. Click “Install” to begin the installation.
  • Click “Finish” to perform the checked actions and close the Intuit QuickBooks Installer.
  • Repeat these steps for each computer.

It is not necessary to open QuickBooks in order to open the QuickBooks file. You can directly open the QuickBooks file by following the steps mentioned below:

  • Open Excel (2010 and newer), go to File then Import.
  • Go to Data Tab, click on Other Sources.
  • Locate QBB file in the import window and open the file.
  • QuickBooks Advanced Reporting (QBAR) lets you use your QuickBooks data to create interactive reports and gain better insights into your business. The feature is included in your QBES Full Service Plan and works with QuickBooks Enterprise 2014 R6 and higher. QuickBooks Advanced Reporting lets you use your QuickBooks data to create interactive reports and gain better insight into your business. It quickly runs reports without sacrificing speed and performance for all QuickBooks Enterprise users.

    QuickBooks Advanced Reporting is available for users with active QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise subscriptions.

    Creating a budget in QuickBooks helps you to keep a track of how your company is performing, compare your revenues and expenses.

    • Click on the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner. Go to tools list, click on Budgeting and click on the new budget.
    • A Mini interview window will appear, click Next. Click on No amounts. Create a budget from scratch option and Next.
    • Select Don’t subdivide and Next. Select a fiscal year and Write the Budget name and Finish, a Budget window will appear.
    • Click Billable Expense and fill up the budget amount in each month or you can click copy Across to copy the amount across other boxes.
    • Click the Save button beside the boxes to place the amounts in the budget boxes
    • Click Finish when you are done.

    If your business does not require creating sales orders or estimates, your A/R workflow starts with creating the invoice.

      1. From the Home screen or the Customers menu, select Create Invoices.
      2. Go to Customer: Job drop-down, select a customer or customer job. If the customer or job is not on the list yet, you can select Add New.
      3. Fill in the details at the top of the form.
      4. In the detail area, select the item/s.

    <bnote:< b=””> When you select or add an item, the description and amount are automatically populated as per the previous setup. You can delete or modify this while creating invoices.

      1. Select Save & Close.


    QuickBooks Data damage can be caused due to various reasons like a power surge or drop out and computer crash or abnormal shutdown. Ensure that your system has an uninterruptible power supply.

    Updating QuickBooks Desktop to the latest release can help enhance your business, as new features will be added. Steps to update QuickBooks are mentioned below:

    1. Open the new version of QuickBooks Desktop.
    2. Go the File menu, select Open or Restore Company.
    3. Select Open a company file then Next.
    4. Highlight your data file then select Open.

    You can resolve QuickBooks Desktop performance issues by following simple steps mentioned below:

    • Reduce the size of the company file.
    • Set company and personal preferences.
    • Optimize QuickBooks operations.

    While using QuickBooks, you might face Quickbooks screen goes black issue which can affect your work. Some of the QuickBooks display issues are mentioned below:

    • The font or the icons are either too small or too big than the usual size.
    • A transaction form does not fit the screen.
    • Buttons are missing.
    • The screen is distorted while maximizing or minimizing.
    • Home Page is blank.

    Solution 1: Suppress the QuickBooks Desktop application

    • Right click on QuickBooks Desktop icon, press and hold the Ctrl key and select open.
    • Open the company file.

    Solution 2: Restart your computer

    Solution 3: Run QuickBooks Install Tool

    QB Install Tool helps in fixing all the issues which you might face while opening QuickBooks Desktop.

    • Download QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool and save the file.
    • Close all the open programs and run the tool.
    • Restart the system after running the tool.
    Solution 1: Open the QuickBooks Company File directly from QuickBooks Desktop
    1. Select Open or restore company from the QuickBooks File menu.
    2. Select the appropriate radio button for the type of file that you are trying to open.
    3. Browse the location of the file.
    4. Select the file and click Open.
    Solution 2: Rename the QuickBooks Company File
    1. Go to the company file, Right-click, and select Rename.
    2. Change the name of the which should not be more than 3 letters. Note:Make sure to keep the original file extension (.qbw, .qbb, etc)
    3. Rename .TLG file if available.

      You can cancel QuickBooks Online by following few simple steps mentioned below:

      1. Sign in to QuickBooks Online.
      2. Click on Settings icon and select Accounts and Settings.
      3. Go to Billing & Subscription tab.
      4. Press Cancel or Cancel Trial in the QuickBooks section.
      Once you’re done, a cancellation mail will be sent to the account administrator.
      Follow the below steps to upload QuickBooks File to QuickBooks Online:
      1. Sign in to QuickBooks Online account.
      2. Go to Settings icon and select Import Desktop Data.
      3. Click on Company menu, select Export Company File to QuickBooks Online.
      4. Select the QuickBooks Company File and Continue.
      5. Open your mailbox, click the link and sign in.
      6. Your file has been uploaded to QuickBooks Online.

      Go through the steps mentioned below to email Pay Stubs in QuickBooks Online:

        1. Verify email settings.
        2. Make sure that QuickBooks is updated.
        3. Select Preference from the Edit Menu.
        4. Click on Sens Forms then select My Preferences tab.
        5. Select Webmail and Outlook in the send email using section.

      Note: Make sure you are using Single-user mode.

      1. In the QuickBooks File menu, Go to Print Forms and click Print Pay Stubs.
      2. Select the employees whom you want to send pay stubs and click Email.
      3. Enter each employee’s details and click Ok > Send Now.
      To convert QuickBooks Desktop to Online, you need to follow the steps mentioned below:
      1. Check the file requirements.
      2. Prepare your QuickBooks Data to Export.
      3. Create a QuickBooks Online Account.
      4. Open QuickBooks Desktop.
      5. Go to Company menu and Select Export Company File to QuickBooks Online.
      6. Sign in to QB Online Account.
      7. Select whether you want to bring over inventory > Select QB Online Company.
      8. Click on Complete your setup and review your data.
      Yes, you can get a copy of QuickBooks data to your hard drive by following below steps:
      1. Identify the file location and go to the folder.
      2. Right-click on folder, then Copy.
      3. Paste the folder in your external device (flash drive, hard drive, thumb drive, etc.).
      4. Plug in the device and Copy the files to local drive.
      5. Launch QuickBooks Desktop and Open the file.
      Follow below mentioned steps to install QuickBooks Enterprise on a workstation:
      1. Close all running programs.
      2. Double click the downloaded file.
      3. Select Server Install > Select Database > QuickBooks application.
      4. Follow the instructions on screen.
      5. Open company file in new version of QuickBooks and sign in as Admin.
      Steps to update QuickBooks Enterprise are mentioned below:
      1. Verify system requirements and data
      2. Verify data by following below steps:
      Log in as the Admin. Remove special characters from the file name. The file extension should be .qbw.
      Run Verify Data on the company file.
      • Restart QuickBooks.
      • In the QuickBooks menu bar, go to Window > Close All.
      • In the QuickBooks menu bar, go to File and select Utilities.
      • Click on Verify Data.
      You should receive the message, “QuickBooks detected no problems with your data file. Don’t proceed to the next phase until you receive the “QuickBooks detected no problems” message. You may have to run Verify Data a second time.
      It is very easy to setup Payroll in QuickBooks, just follow few simple steps:
      1. Enter your EIN
      2. Add payroll service key
      3. Enter service key
      4. Confirm your payroll subscription
      5. Download and install QuickBooks payroll
      6. Restart QuickBooks & select payroll method
      7. Navigate to the employee menu
      8. Navigate to the payroll module
      9. Enter payroll setup information
      10. Add your employees
      11. Enter your employee’s withholding
      12. Enter your pay schedule
      13. Enter employee’s salary
      14. Enter employee deductions
      15. Enter employee payment method
      16. Add employee
      17. Run payroll
      You can print paychecks in QuickBooks Desktop Payroll by following few easy steps mentioned below:
      1. Open QuickBooks and go to Employee Center.
      2. Click New Employee and enter employee’s information.
      3. Choose Payroll and Compensation Info from the drop-down list and enter the details.
      4. Select pay period from Pay Frequency drop-down list.
      5. Click Employee link. Scroll down to Pay Employees > Scheduled Payroll.
      6. Go to Check date and enter the date you want to show on payroll checks.
      7. Fill all the required fields and click Print Paychecks.
      8. Check back all info and click Print.
      To print your quarterly wage reports from QuickBooks Payroll, you have to follow some steps:
      1. At bottom of the list of filings, click Open/Save.
      2. Go to Payroll Center and choose Employees.
      3. Click on the File Forms tab.
      4. Press View/Print forms & W-2s.
      5. Enter Payroll Pin and press Ok.
      You have to follow below mentioned steps to cancel QuickBooks Payroll service in QuickBooks Desktop:
      1. Select Employees > My Payroll Service > Account/Billing Info.
      2. Sign in using your Intuit account. The Account Maintenance page will open.
      3. In the Service Information section, select Cancel.
      4. Proceed with the process to cancel your payroll service.

      Steps to set up payroll liabilities in QuickBooks

      1. In the Employees menu, select Payroll Center > Pay Liabilities.
      2. Under Other Activities, go to Change Payment Method.
      3. In Schedule Payments > tax liability (you want to edit) > select Edit.
      4. Enter Required information.
      5. Select Finish > Finish Later.

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