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QuickBooks Enterprise is a smartly designed knowledge-based accounting services software. It is perfectly suited for the needs of small and medium-sized businesses like manufacturers, retailers, real estate companies and various B2B and B2C businesses. If you compare all the other editions of QuickBooks in the market at present, you will realize that QB Enterprise edition is indeed the most customer-friendly. Most advanced version of QuickBooks to be released in the market till now.

Targeted primarily at the demands of medium-sized businesses, the enterprise edition is simplified enough for even non-accountants to understand with great ease. Designed with an easy to understand user interface and quick navigational tools. QuickBooks Enterprise is ideal for carrying out the day to day activities of the business efficiently and swiftly. It also features more advanced and complex features, such as higher data storage capacity, more sophisticated inventory management and advanced support for multiple entities.

Retailed as an all-inclusive accounting solutions package, QuickBooks Enterprise edition is packed with all the features and functionalities that are essential for running any medium-size business smoothly and efficiently. It covers all the crucial aspects involved in the day-to-day functioning of business including, advanced reporting & Financial transactions; Inventory management; Sales & Customer handling; handling purchasing & vendors and also managing Payrolls and Employees in the company. Moreover, QB Enterprise edition is also capable of providing industry-specific solutions to contractors, manufacturers, wholesalers, nonprofit companies, and retailers.

Prominent Features of QuickBooks Enterprise Edition

  • Higher Data Capacity: It can store up to 1 million list items including customers, inventory, and vendors.
  • Ability to customize Users / Permissions: Ease of setting up control over the accessibility of users with pre-defined or self-defined roles.
  • Reporting facility: Get custom generated reports suited precisely to your needs and reporting tools related to the specific industry.
  • Inventory Management tools: Ease of tracking inventory movement across many warehouses, use First-in First Out method for optimizing inventory, and set up mobile barcode scanning.
  • Advanced Pricing Structure: Feature to set up custom pricing by the users; and creating rules for price variances, like manufacturer markdowns and bulk pricing.

QuickBooks Enterprise edition is definitely the most potent in the entire series of QuickBooks editions launched by Intuit to date. Packed with an amazing ability to manage 6 times higher data than its previous versions, it also offers the convenience of offering support to a maximum number of 30 users at the same time. Looking at the comprehensive list of essential and advanced features packed in QuickBooks Enterprise, it splits into 3 different packages including Platinum, Gold, and Silver editions to suit the diverse needs and budgets of businesses in the market.

Platinum edition is perfect for businesses operating at the higher end of the middle segment with an all-inclusive feature-rich package. Gold Edition suits for businesses operating at the middle-end of the mid-range segment with a decent mix of affordable features. Silver edition is meant for businesses at the lower end of the middle segment with the necessary basic features that meet the needs of a majority of small businesses. Let’s delve into these 3 editions now starting with the top edition and see the features that make them suitable for different business segments.

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QuickBooks Enterprise Platinum

The platinum edition offers two prominent features that set it apart from the Gold and Silver editions. The two features are inventory handling and price control. The main purpose of these two features is businesses operating in the manufacturing and retail sectors, to allow them better control over inventory and pricing of products.

Advanced Pricing feature:

This feature gives total control on the pricing of products by a company and paves the way for businesses to generate more sales revenues and managing promotions more effectively while gratifying customers as well. With the help of this feature, businesses can:

  • Create, modify and enforce several pricing criteria based on a number of factors other than just the product and the end consumer.
  • Ascertain and apply discounts based on quantity and also specific manufacturer’s markdowns.
  • Create time-driven product promotions based on special pricing criteria.

Advanced Inventory feature:

This feature also proves enormously beneficial in a range of conditions, such as:

  • Maintaining appropriate inventory levels and cutting down overheads.
  • Facilitating the prioritization of sale order execution.
  • Ease of tracing the items by bin, lot or serial numbers at various warehouses.
  • Transferring goods across warehouses.
  • Freedom to create customized reports for gathering detailed insight.
  • Mobile barcode scanning to improve the accuracy and speed of orders for shipping.

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QuickBooks Enterprise Gold

The Gold edition offers one prominent feature that sets it apart from the Gold and Silver editions. Furthermore, this noteworthy feature is actually the capability to carry out Advance Payroll services in the company.

With Enhanced Payroll processing services at their disposal, businesses get the convenience of:

  • Handling payroll processing for any number of workers.
  • Printing and Creating an unlimited number of paychecks.
  • Depositing the payment directly into a worker’s bank account without any charge.
  • Calculating taxes as per the existing taxation rules.
  • Generating W-2 forms automatically.
  • Fulfilling tax requirements of payroll without any penalties.

QuickBooks Enterprise Silver

The Silver edition (budget edition) that supports all the necessary features but with limited functionality and choice. And this is the only thing that differentiates other editions from the silver edition of QuickBooks Enterprise. Moreover, it also does not include Enhanced payroll, Advanced Inventory and Pricing features available in the Gold and Platinum editions.

This edition comes with the following features:

  • Firstly, handling customer support.
  • Secondly, online storage facility.
  • Thirdly, special benefits under the Priority Circle customer loyalty program.
  • Automatic product upgrade facility.
  • Last, advanced report generation.


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According to the features for every edition of QuickBooks Enterprise, business owners can opt for an edition that fulfills their needs the most and is also an ideal fit for their budget.

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