5 Ways to Fix QuickBooks Gmail Not Working Problem

quickbooks gmail not working

QuickBooks is one of the most commonly used software by business owners. It is also one of the most favored because of the diversity of functions it provides us with. But it is also a reality that no software comes with a glitch-free experience, the user is bound to face certain technical issues but you do not need to worry about them anymore. The problem of the QuickBooks Gmail not working is a basic integration error wherein the users are just not able to sign into their Gmail ID using the accounting software. This can seem not a big  issue but sometimes it can totally refrain from pursuing your work.

All the QuickBooks users know how essential the QuickBooks mailing service is. Mailing has become the most professional and commonly used medium to communicate. If something hampers this platform, our professional lives really get disturbed. In this age of speed, nobody can ever wait for anything to happen for longer periods of time. We always look forward to quick solutions and here they are. In this blog, you are going to find the quickest and best of the solutions for fixing the QuickBooks Gmail not working. Apart from following what this blog provides, you can always reach out to the company through QuickBooks pro support number. 

Reasons for QuickBooks Gmail Not Working

Before getting into the solutions to the problems, we must be aware of the reasons as to why Gmail would ever stop working or malfunction. Following are the reasons:

  •         The first ever reason for the same could be the fact that you might not be using the correct User ID and password for the same. You are required to use the ID and passwords that are integrated to the QuickBooks.
  •         Second reason could be the fact that you may be asked for some sign in confirmation but you did not confirm the same.
  •         Thirdly, it could also be the fact that your system does not allow you to sync with the QuickBooks to Gmail.
  •         Another very important reason could be the fact that email linking might not be correct in the QuickBooks.
  •         The application in itself cannot meet the modern and updated security standards by QuickBooks.


Ways to fix QuickBooks Gmail not working problem

We have provided various strategies to address the problem based on the situation in the section below. You must select the most appropriate answer for your situation and eliminate it.

Solution 1 : When your Email ID or Password is Incorrect

The improper email ID and password can cause QuickBooks Gmail to stop working. You will notice a panel that says ‘Incorrect email and password.’ In this case, you must complete the procedures below:

  •         If you are unable to login to Gmail and receive an error message, re-enter your password and ID; however, if you are unable to login to Gmail and receive an error message, select the ‘Cancel’ option.
  •         Then, under ‘Send forms selections,’ check your Gmail account settings.
  •         Then select ‘Edit Settings’ from the drop-down menu.
  •         Now do some port modifications and SSL/TLS configurations.
  •         Then you must click on the “Default Reset” option if you do not wish to alter anything.



Solution 2 : If QuickBooks freezes while sending an email

Follow these instructions if you are unable to send an email through your synced Gmail account and QuickBooks has frozen:

  •         After the tool has finished downloading, save the file to a local folder.
  •         Then, execute the downloaded utility and restart your computer.
  •         Please be patient as the download may take some time.

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Solution 3 : When QuickBooks is unable to send emails

  •         To begin, make sure QuickBooks is not running as an administrator; if it is, uncheck the box.

Select QuickBooks from the drop-down menu and select ‘Properties.’

  •         Uncheck the box that says ‘Run this programmed as Administrator.’
  •         After that, hit the ‘Ok’ button to exit QuickBooks and restart it.
  •         Check that the email preferences in QuickBooks are right.
  •         To begin, go to ‘Edit’ and select the ‘Preference’ option to select the ‘Send Forms’ option from the ‘Edit’ menu.
  •         Select that you wish to use to send emails under the ‘My preferences’ area, then click the ‘Ok’ option.
  •         If your preferences are accurate, proceed as follows: OK > Edit > Preferences> Send Forms>My Preferences> QuickBooks Emails>Ok > Edit > Preferences> Send Forms>My Preferences> QuickBooks Emails>Ok > Edit > Preferences> Send Forms>My Preferences>
  •         Choose Outlook and then the ‘Ok’ option.
  •         Restart Windows, then QuickBooks, after selecting QuickBooks and other apps.
  •         Transactions or reports should be mailed.

preferences are accurate

Solution 4 : Error Message When Sending Invoices via Email

This problem is not specific to Gmail users; nonetheless, it will be beneficial to Yahoo email users.

  •         Visit the website for the most recent update, and then click the ‘Change’ option to select the QuickBooks product.
  •         To update the files, select the ‘Update’ option.
  •         For an automatic download, choose ‘Setup Automatic Update.’
  •         If you’re still having trouble, try the next option.
Allow Third-Party Apps as a fifth option.
  •         Open any of your system’s browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, or Firefox.
  •         Sign in to your Gmail account by going to and entering your Gmail ID and password.
  •         Now select Connected apps & sites from the My Account area.
  •         Locate Intuit QuickBooks in the Apps tied to your account section. To connect QuickBooks with Gmail, you’ll need to use QuickBooks Online instead of Intuit QuickBooks. As a result, disregard this.
  •         Allow third-party apps to run
  •         Return to QuickBooks’ Gmail and try to send an invoice by attaching it to your message.
  •         Turn off two-factor authentication so you don’t have to verify your Google account every time you log in.


The techniques outlined above should assist you in addressing the QuickBooks Gmail issue. This issue can also be remedied by granting access to your Gmail account to a new device or app.


We hope that the aforementioned options will assist you in resolving the ‘QuickBooks Gmail Not Working’ issue. We did everything we could to come up with all viable solutions to this situation. Simply follow the steps carefully to solve the problem. The best part is that you can always reach out for assistance via QuickBooks support numbers and you will be provided proper assistance. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can disabling enhanced security make the software insecure?

A-  When you disable the enhanced security, it does not make the software insecure and will not create any kind of security issues. You can authorize sending mails from the Gmail account.

Q2. What is the procedure to send email from QuickBooks through Gmail?

A-  In order to send emails from QuickBooks through Gmail, you need to reauthorize the QuickBooks Desktop to further continue using Gmail.

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