How to Fix QuickBooks Cannot Create PDF File?

quickbooks cannot create pdf

QuickBooks provides many easy-to-use-features that make it a popular choice in the accounting community. One such feature is printing, emailing, or saving as PDF. While using QuickBooks, you may face issues related to PDF such as QuickBooks cannot create PDF issue.

Causes of “QuickBooks can’t create PDF” issue

QuickBooks Unable to Create PDF

One or more of the reasons given below can make QuickBooks unable to create PDF :

  • A PDF file component is missing
  • PDF converter installation errors such as Error 1722 or 1801
  • Errors related to QuickBooks PDF converter activation
  • PDF Converter has become offline
  • QuickBooks is unable to save the form as PDF
  • Print driver host has stopped working
  • The device is not ready error
  • Connectivity problem with a printer
  • An unrecoverable error has occurred
  • Reconciling accounts freezes QuickBooks
  • QuickBooks has become unresponsive

Solutions to Fix QuickBooks cannot create PDF Issue

For troubleshooting QuickBooks cannot create PDF problem, you can try the following solutions. Forgetting the best results, try the first solution given below before trying others.

1. Use Print and PDF Repair Tool

Before trying the QB Print and PDF Repair Tool, ensure that your QuickBooks software has been updated to the latest release. Download Print and PDF Repair Tool from the Intuit website and run it. Now, check for QuickBooks won’t open PDF issue.

If the problem is not resolved, restart your PC and again check for the error. If the QuickBooks Unable to Create PDF error still appears, you have to reset permissions of your temp folder. Follow these steps –

  • Type %TEMP% in RUN command and hit Enter.
  • In the temp folder, right-click and go to Properties.
  • Move to Security tab and make sure that all usernames and groups have permissions set as Full Control.
  • Now, check whether you are able to save as PDF. You cannot create PDF in QuickBooks problem may have been fixed.

If your initial issue was with both saving as PDF and sending an email, then you are required to follow one more step. You have to confirm if you are able to print to Microsoft’s XPS Document Writer. For this follow these steps –

  • Open Notepad and write whatever you want.
  • Open Print window through the File tab in Notepad.
  • Select Microsoft XPS Document Writer as the printer.
  • Click Print and save to your desktop folder.
  • Check whether you are able to view the printed document.

2. Check whether reconcile window is appearing off of the screen

If choosing reconcile from the Banking menu locks up QuickBooks, but there is no problem with the PDF functions, it implies that reconcile window may be appearing off of the screen. Follow these steps –

  • See if reconcile window is listed in the list in the Window menu.
  • Choose Close All.
  • Start the reconcile process again.

Now, check for the QuickBooks Unable to Create PDF problem.

3. Test, reinstall and adjust Windows user permissions for Microsoft XPS Document Writer

 Microsoft XPS Document Writer

Following steps are given below-

  1. Test Microsoft XPS Document Writer

  • Open-File Menu.
  • Select Print.
  • Choose Microsoft XPS Document Writer as the printer.
  • Print and save .xpsfile to desktop.
  • Look for .xpsfile on desktop.

If the file is not on the desktop and no error popped-up on saving the file, check your security settings. If .xps file is there, but there is an error opening or it is not displaying properly, reinstall the XPS Document Writer. If when you try to print, QuickBooks encounters a problem, reinstall XPS Document Writer. Also, reinstall the writer if it is not available as an option.


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  1. Reinstall Microsoft XPS Document Writer

Before reinstalling Microsoft XPS Document Writer, make sure that both XPS Services and XPS Viewer are enabled.

  1. Adjust Windows user permissions for Microsoft XPS Document Writer

  • Open Printers Control Panel.
  • Open Printer Properties for the Microsoft XPS Document Writer.
  • Choose Everyone user group under Security.
  • Select Print in the Allow column and place a checkmark in that row.
  • Go to C:WindowsSystem32spool.
  • Select Printers, then Security under Properties.
  • Choose Edit, then Add, type Local Service and select Enter.
  • Ensure Local Service has Full Control, and then select OK.
  • Now, check for QuickBooks cannot create PDF.
  1. Modify settings of your security software

You may be facing cannot create PDF in QuickBooks issue due to the security software such as an antivirus or firewall installed on your computer. Change settings of your software so that it allows the creation of .xps files.

  1. Install or repair Microsoft Core XML Services (MSXML) 6.0

MSXML 6.0 is required for the XPS Document Writer. To repair MSXML 6.0, run System File Checker.

  1. Create and use a new form template

QuickBooks Unable to Create a PDF issue may also arise if your form template is damaged. To fix this, create a new form template, change template on your transaction, and now create your PDF. Check whether QuickBooks can’t create pdf problem is appearing.

The above-mentioned solutions should resolve QuickBooks cannot create PDF issue. But, if you need help with any of these solutions or if the issue does not get fixed, you can seek expert technical assistance at our QuickBooks ProAdvisor Support Number.

If you ever feel the need of taking advice from your fellow business owners that happened to be our existing subscribers, you can visit our thriving QuickBooks Community. Still, if you do not find an answer for your specific question within the community. In that case, you can also post your question in the community to get the requisite answer from the contributing members. 

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