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Moving From QuickBooks for Mac to Desktop Version

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quickbooks mac desktop

QuickBooks is a set of business tools intended to make your life easier. It’s an accountant solution which organizes the data for you in a presentable manner. Connect QuickBooks to the bank and you can review your transactions and import and categorize them automatically. Powerful invoicing with custom reminders, reports, tracking, and direct deposits are some important features of the application.  For a tool so versatile, it becomes necessary for it to perform on both the popular platforms. You can convert QuickBooks for Mac file to Windows version using round-tripping. In this blog we will discuss about QuickBooks mac desktop.

Why Should You Move from QuickBooks for Mac to QuickBooks for Windows?

Intuit has decided to discontinue QuickBooks for Mac desktop version. However, it will continue to release updates for the 2016 version through May 31, 2019. Hence, we recommend you to move from QuickBooks for Mac to QuickBooks Desktop version or use QuickBooks Online.

Why Go for QuickBooks Desktop Version Instead Of QuickBooks Online?

  • You can install the software on your device by paying the one-time fee. For the online version, you have to pay a monthly fee.
  • The desktop version is better for inventory tracking. You get two options, average cost and FIFO (First-in First-out). The online version is, restricted to the FIFO method only.
  • QuickBooks Desktop allows batch-invoicing. You can bill multiple clients when the amount and type of service are the same. This feature lacks in QuickBooks Online.
  • QuickBooks Desktop is industry-specific while QuickBooks Online is a general purpose. It offers specific features for General Business, Contractor, Manufacturing & Wholesale, Professional Services, Retail & Non-profit.
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Prepare QuickBooks for Mac File for Conversion

  1. To pass through the process smoothly, make sure that you update QuickBooks for Mac app to the latest release.
  2. Now, you need to check if any file name or your company name contains special characters. If they exist such as “!@#$%^&*”, then remove the characters by renaming the file.
  3. Go to Reports Menu and select Custom Transaction Detail Report.
  4. Now, the Modify Report window opens.
  5. Select Dates drop-down menu and select All.
  6. Select Memo under the Columns category.
  7. Click on OK, now the report will run.
  8. Now remove the memos containing more than 50 characters or special characters from their corresponding transactions.
  9. Delete all the memorized transactions and memorized reports.
  10. Re-sort list in default order to do away with any damages.
  11. Rebuild and Verify your Company File data.

Convert QuickBooks for Mac Company File to Windows

  1. To convert, first, open the company file on QuickBooks for Mac application.
  2. Create a copy of the company file for Windows version from File Menu
  3. Rename the company file. It avoids the case of overwriting the updated file.
  4. Send the backup to the Windows machine. There are several methods (CD/DVD, USB drive, external hard drive, secure transfer service, FTP), choose any of them.
  5. To restore the file, open QuickBooks for Windows.
  6. Go to File menu -> Select Open and Restore Company.
  7. Select Restore a Backup Copy (.qbb) -> Select Next.
  8. Select Local Backup -> Select Next.
  9. Go to the location where backup exists and open the backup.
  10. You’ll be, asked to update the file to a new version, select Yes -> select OK.

You might face some conversion errors in the process. You can do away with errors like Error C=116, Error (-14113,0) by simply re-sorting the lists, and rebuilding and verifying data. If it fails, try reconverting.

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