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QuickBooks Point of Sale Discontinued! Here’s What You Need to Know

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QuickBooks Point of Sale Discontinued

Intuit, the company behind QuickBooks discontinued its QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale (POS) software on Tuesday, October 3. This significant change comes with several implications for businesses currently using QuickBooks POS. The discontinuation of QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale was announced earlier this year. After today, the product will no longer receive support, security patch updates, or access to Connected Services.

Intuit’s decision to discontinue QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale is part of their ongoing efforts to streamline their product offerings and focus on core services. This strategic shift allows Intuit to allocate more resources to enhance other aspects of its financial software.

Discontinuation DateOctober 3, 2023
Impact on Security and SupportNo more security patch updates and support
Additional Seats and HardwareAvailable for purchase until October 3, 2023
Annual Support PlansProrated refunds for unused portions
QuickBooks Point of Sale PaymentsDiscontinued after October 3, 2023
PIN Pad CompatibilityExclusive for QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale
QuickBooks Gift Card ServiceDiscontinued on October 3, 2023
Intuit Store ExchangeUnavailable after October 3, 2023
Webgility for E-commerce IntegrationNo longer supported after October 3, 2023
Transition OptionExplore Shopify Point of Sale or other alternatives
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How Does This Affect Current QuickBooks POS Users?

1. Security and Support:

The most immediate impact is the cessation of security patch updates and the discontinuation of Payments and Connected Services. This could potentially expose your system to security vulnerabilities.

2. Additional Seats and Hardware:

Existing QuickBooks Point of Sale 19.0 customers can still purchase additional users on their existing licenses and hardware until October 3, 2023.

3. Annual Support Plans:

If you recently purchased an annual support plan, it will be prorated for the time you’ve used it, and any unused portion will be refunded. Reach out to Intuit support for further details.

4. QuickBooks Point of Sale Payments:

After October 3, 2023, QuickBooks Point of Sale Payments will no longer function with QuickBooks Point of Sale software.

5. PIN Pad Compatibility:

Your PIN Pad configured for QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale will not work with other Point of Sale systems.

6. QuickBooks Gift Card Service:

QuickBooks Gift Card Service will be discontinued on October 3, 2023. No new gift cards will be available for purchase. Any existing gift cards used after this date will need to be manually redeemed within QuickBooks Point of Sale.

6. Intuit Store Exchange:

The Intuit Store Exchange method will no longer be available after October 3, 2023. You may explore alternative Store Exchange methods to exchange data between your stores.

7. Webgility for E-commerce Integration:

The Webgility application for e-commerce integration will cease to work with QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale after October 3, 2023.

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What Are Your Options?

Given the discontinuation of QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale, you might be wondering what alternatives are available:

1. Shopify Point of Sale:

To facilitate the transition, QuickBooks has collaborated with Shopify to offer a Point of Sale option that integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks Desktop Financial Software. Shopify POS includes multi-channel selling, enhanced reporting, a modern user interface, and popular payment methods. Exclusive offers and discounts are available for QuickBooks Point of Sale customers making the switch.

2. Explore Other Point of Sale Solutions:

Beyond Shopify, there are numerous Point of Sale solutions in the market catering to various business needs. Take the time to research and evaluate which one aligns best with your business operations.

3. Migration to Shopify POS:

If you choose to migrate to Shopify POS, you can transfer essential data such as customer, vendor, and product lists. Shopify offers free migration tools, premium onboarding assistance, and 24/7 support to help you seamlessly transition.

4. Continuing with QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale (Without Support):

While Intuit will no longer support the product, you can still use QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale software. However, be aware that you won’t receive updates or support services after October 3, 2023.

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In Conclusion

The discontinuation of QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale necessitates careful consideration of your business’s needs and the available options. Make an informed decision that ensures the efficient management of your finances and supports your business’s growth in the evolving landscape of accounting and Point of Sale software.

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