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How to Fix Quicken Error OL-297-A?

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quicken error ol-297-a

Managing your accounting and financial activities becomes easy with Quicken accounting software. However, you might get stuck in different error codes while working on Quicken. Quicken Error OL-297-A is one of such error that may interrupt your business activities. This error arises because of the poor internet connection. Along with this, using an old version of software may also be the reason for the occurrence of this error. With the help of the blog, let’s try to find out more expected reasons for the same error code.

Causes of Quicken Error OL-297-A

Numerous possible causes are responsible for the software error occurrence in your system. Some of these reasons that may lead to this error are mentioned below:

  • Some updating security settings issue might have occurred.
  • The software server is temporarily not available.
  • Maybe there are some problems in popup blocker and firewall settings.

Methods to Fix Quicken Error OL-297-A

Implement these methods to get rid of the troublesome software error. Make sure to follow the troubleshooting steps correctly:

Method 1: Update the Settings of Internet Security

  1. Firstly, press Windows + R keys together and then run window will pop up on your PC.
  2. Type control panel into the search box.
  3. Hit ok.
  4. Now, you need to go to the network and internet then internet options.
  5. Click on the advanced tab option.
  6. Go to the security section.
  7. You are required to put a check mark on use TLS 1.2.
  8. Finally, you have to click on apply and then ok.

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Method 2: Check System’s Date and Time

  1. Firstly, hit on the date and time and check that date and time is correct.
  2. Press Windows + R together.
  3. Type control panel in a shown run box.
  4. Hit on clock and region.
  5. Choose the date and time.
  6. Select change date and time option.
  7. Now change the time and date as per the time zone and then click ok.
  8. Next, you need to restart PC.
  9. Hit on the window or start icon.
  10. Choose the power icon and then select the option of the restart.
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Method 3: Reconfigure Firewall

  1. Initially, check that qw.exe is accessible to the internet.
  2. Now, check that the firewall is not blocking the software to access.
  3. You have to open Quicken.
  4. Now, go to Help and then Quicken support.
  5. In case you are reaching to the Quicken.com, it means the firewall isn’t blocking. On the other hand, if it’s not redirecting you there will be a need to configure it correctly.
  6. Lastly, you need to use anti-virus protection software to configure the firewall automatically.

Method 4: Update Security Settings

  1. First, you need to press Windows key + R simultaneously.
  2. Now, type control panel and then press ok in the run window.
  3. Next, you have to select a network and internet option. With this, click on internet options.
  4. Click on the privacy tab option and then on advanced button.
  5. Do not forget to click on accept under both First-party and Third-party.
  6. Finally, click ok.


By implementing the above-mentioned solutions, you will be able to fix the Quicken Error OL-297-A. You can take the help of our professionals to get a quick solution or technical help. They are always ready to provide you customized technical solutions.

If you are still receiving Quicken Error OL-297-A, then dial Toll-Free Quicken Phone Number.

Q1 What should I do in case I am unable to fix Quicken’s error after implementing the troubleshooting steps?

A:  If you are not able to fix an issue, then you can quickly get connected with the technical support individuals.

Q2 Do Quicken professionals charge for offering support?

A: Yes, Quicken experts charge nominal fees for proving technical assistance related to errors, technical issues, network connectivity issues, etc. According to the pricing plans you need to pay the amount.

Q3 What I am supposed to do if the given solutions in the blog don’t work?

A: In such a case, you need to contact Quicken professionals. With their assistance, you can get the required help.

Q4 What to do if I want tech support from my home?

A: For this, you don’t have to go anywhere. You can dial a toll-free Quicken tech support phone number.

Q5 What should I do if I am unable to understand any of the troubleshooting steps?

A: Simply, reach out to the Quicken tech support team and ask for the required technical help.

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