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What is New in QuickBooks Online 2022?

changes in quickbooks online

As of now, millions of business owners and independent bookkeepers use QuickBooks for managing inventory, payroll, and other accounting requirements. Moreover, you can learn to manage finances with QuickBooks accounting software. This software has been designed by Intuit specifically for small to mid-sized business owners. Although, Intuit upgrades its products time-to-time so that its users can get the best experience. These upgrades may include a change in the price of QuickBooks products, discount policies, etc. 

Sometimes, changes in pricing & policy can be hard to accept, especially when you have already planned out the business year. And, being an accountant or owner, it becomes your responsibility to explain the changes and reasons behind them to your clients. Although, you don’t need to worry about anything. We are mentioning all the latest changes to the pricing of QuickBooks Online so that you can have a smooth conversation with your clients regarding the same.

As per the latest guidelines, Intuit has decided to make some changes to QuickBooks Online products (Except self-employed) and replacing wholesaler discounts with a new discount program. Unquestionably, the members of the QuickBooks Online Accountant team (Ted Callahan & Ariege Misherghi) have shared this statement on the behalf of their team.  

Whereas, the wholesale discount for active subscriptions will not be changing (before July, 15). Moreover, these changes are to be done because of business decisions made by Inuit. 

New Prices of QuickBooks Online Products

QuickBooks Online Products Current PricesNew Prices
Simple Start or Self-employed$25No change 
Essentials $40$50

These prices will be implemented on the following dates

  • July 15, 2021: All upgrades, downgrades, or new subscriptions.
  • On or after Aug 1, 2021: Present client-billed subscriptions. 
  • On or after Sep 1, 2021: Present firm-billed subscriptions (present wholesale discount). 

Changes in discount policies will be effective on the following dates.

  • The new QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Time, and QuickBooks Online Payroll wholesale discount will be implemented for new upgrades, downgrades, and new subscriptions on July 15, 2021.
  • A new discount program will be launched on July 15, 2021, known as ProAdvisor Preferred Pricing. As a result, discounts from this new program will be applied via QuickBooks Online Accountant. 

Changes in QuickBooks Online Prices for Legacy Wholesale Discount Subscriptions

QuickBooks Online Products 

Base fee/ month 

Firm-billedNew price for subscription on the wholesale discount/month 


$15 (No change)

50% wholesale discount (No change)$7 (No change)


$50 50% wholesale discount (No change)


Plus $8050% wholesale discount (No change)


Advanced $18030% wholesale discount (No change)


Listed below is a complete chart that helps you to know ‘what will happen with the existing subscriptions with the promotional bundles or wholesale discount?’

existing quickbooks online essentials and wholesale

existing quickbooks online plus and payroll wholesale

5 for $5 for each promotional bundle

Why are all these Changes Happening at the Prices of QBO Products and Discount Policy?

Reasons behind the changes done at the prices of the QuickBooks Online Products. 

According to Intuit Disclosure, increasing the pricing of QuickBooks Online products is necessary to deliver the support and product needed by your clients in the future.

Importantly, the new QuickBooks Online products include the following innovations.

  • Time-tracking functionality
  • DocuSign integration with QuickBooks Online Advanced
  • Custom reminders
  • Improve productivity, increase automation between departments and functions in QuickBooks Enterprise.

Reasons behind the changes done at the prices of the discount policies.

According to Intuit’s directors, it is mandatory to retire the wholesale discount program to bring support and product to the clients in the future. Consequently, it will help you in managing your finances related to the business. Additionally, you can get access to QuickBooks Online Payroll Elite with QuickBooks time for free of cost and upgrade your books.  We ensure you will get additional innovations in our support. 

Get our expert Quickbooks ProAdvisor on call
to resolve your query in no-time.

What is the ProAdvisor Preferred Pricing program?

The ProAdvisor Preferred Pricing is a new program developed by Intuit to replace previous wholesale discounts. In other words, Intuit is going to release innovations such as payroll insights, advisory training, industry benchmarking, month-end review, etc. 

Additionally, discount from this program will apply to subscriptions you add, upgrade, and downgrade by signing up to QuickBooks Online Accountant on or after July 15, 2021. However, a 50% discount will be continued for subscriptions enrolled before launching the ProAdvisor Preferred Pricing. 

Below, we are concluding the new discount policies in a table. 


Direct Discount 


ProAdvisor Discount 


Duration of Discount 

            1 Year          Ongoing 
QuickBooks Online Products:

Self-employed or simple start 




30% off for 12 months

30% off (ongoing)

QuickBooks Online Payroll:




30% off base and 

15% off employees and contractor fees for 12 months 

30% off base and 

15% off employees and contractor fees ongoing discount

QuickBooks Time:



30% off base and 

15% off employees fees for 12 months 

30% off base and 

15% off employees fees ongoing discount 

Benefits of the latest ProAdvisor Preferred Pricing program

The ProAdvisor Pricing Program provides resources and advantages that only get improved as you develop. Therefore, you just have to sign up for QuickBooks Online Accountant to get the benefits of this program. Finally, we are mentioning some of the advantages of the preferred program as Inuit has not announced all the extra features that will be added to it. 

  • Get maximum clients 

You can make it easy for needed clients to find you. After completing the ProAdvisor certification, you can list your firm on the Find-A-ProAdvisor directory for free and get access to the following perks. 

  1. Discount on email marketing services from Constant Contact 
  2. Get access to Intuit’s Marketing Hub.
  3. Boost your profile on the Find-A-ProAdvisor directory. 
  • Easy to get rewards 

With the ProAdvisor preferred pricing program, you can get the following rewards. 

  1. Training and certification
  2. Discount & support 
  3. ProAdvisors tiers 
  4. Desktop 
  5. Growth & marketing 
  • Train yourself and be an expert 

Without a doubt, you can start as a beginner and reach the advanced levels designed by accounting professionals. At this time, have a look at some examples in which you can get trained. 

  1. Prepare for certifications 
  2. Introduction to QuickBooks Online 
  3. QuickBooks Advanced, payroll, and more. 
  • Improve your working skills 

You can enhance your skills as well as your firm by accessing the Benefits page after signing up for QuickBooks Online Accountant. further, we have listed some of the examples in which you can be an expert by enhancing your skills. 

  1. Get tips to access the business or manage clients
  2. Learn to find your clients on QuickBooks Online 
  3. Find out time-saving marketing tools. 
  • Get discounts on services and supplies 

You can enjoy free QuickBooks payroll, QuickBooks Online, and time-tracking after joining the ProAdvisor preferred pricing program. Also, you can avail of the following services. 

  1. Get priority support from Intuit’s top-rated care agents. 
  2. Discounts on ProConnect Tax returns. 
  • Grow by getting ranks. 

QuickBooks Online Accountant unlocks advantages from day one and beyond that offer you an opportunity to become a ProAdvisor. Once you have signed in for QuickBooks Online Accountant, you can rise via the ranks for the things you need to keep the practice. 

What will be the Price of the ProAdvisor Preferred program?

Here, we are concluding the new prices of adding, upgrading or downgrading the QuickBooks Online Accountant on or after July 15, 2021, for QBO, QuickBooks time, and QuickBooks Online Payroll

QuickBooks Online Products Discounted fee/month 









QuickBooks Online Payroll 

Discounted base fee/month 

Discounted per employee and contractor fee/month 







Elite $87.50


QuickBooks Time  

Discounted base fee/month Discounted per employee and contractor fee/month 




Elite $28


When does the New ProAdvisor Pricing Program Launch and Who Will be Eligible to Access It? 

The ProAdvisor Pricing Program will be launching on July 15, 2021, for new QuickBooks time, QuickBooks Online Payroll, and QuickBooks Online. 

Undoubtedly, you can avail of the benefits of the ProAdvisor Preferred program only after signing up for QuickBooks Online Accountant and starts new client subscriptions. 


Q1: What is new in QuickBooks Online 2021?

A: The directors of the QuickBooks Online Accountant team have announced that the price of QuickBooks will be increased from July onwards as well as there will be some changes in the discount policies, as well. According to Intuit, these changes are necessary to be implemented for bringing products and support to the clients in the future. Well, the wholesale discount for active subscriptions will remain the same (before July, 15).

Q2: What does an ongoing discount indicate?

A: The ongoing monthly discount will be offered to the accounting professionals through the ProAdvisor discount. As a result, Intuit will bill your business each month for all appropriate client subscriptions.

Q3: Is there any difference between the direct discount and ProAdvisor discount?

A: In the Add client section of QuickBooks Online Accountant, both discounts are obtainable via accounting professionals. You can choose a ProAdvisor discount or direct discount while initiating a new QuickBooks Online subscription.

Q4: Write down the regions in which the ProAdvisor Preferred Pricing program can be obtainable?

A: The latest program “ProAdvisor Preferred Pricing” program will be available to US customers. However, the pricing and offers of the program depend on the country.

Q5: Is there any change in price for new customers added to the wholesale discount?

A: Without a doubt, the price of subscription purchases within six months of Sep 1, 2021, will remain constant till the 7th billing month.

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