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Differences between QuickBooks Payroll Basic, Enhanced & Assisted Service for Desktop

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Intuit offers three payroll management packages, for its desktop editions (Pro/Premier/Enterprise). These packages come in the form of a subscription. Activating the subscription will allow you to use Intuit’s Payroll service. Three payroll packages for QuickBooks Desktop edition are QuickBooks Basic, Enhanced, and Assisted Payroll.

Using QuickBooks payroll services, you can achieve various tasks such as you can make tax payments directly, auto-populate tax forms, pay W-2 and 1099 employees, etc.

It’s a tough task to choose, which package is right for you. In this article, we’ll understand the differences between QuickBooks Payroll Basic, Enhanced, and Assisted Service for Desktop Edition.

QuickBooks Basic Payroll Service

QuickBooks Basic Payroll is an entry-level payroll management package for QuickBooks Desktop.

  • It comes with a  monthly cost of $25/month + $2/employee/month
  • It offers only the basic functionalities
  • You can also make direct/deposits to your employee’s bank/financial institution at a nominal fee
  • QuickBooks Payroll Basic is good for you if you have a CPA or payroll professional managing the payroll. It is because QuickBooks Payroll Basic does not have the functionality of filing tax forms and tax payments. You’ll need to create the W-2 forms for the employees every year by yourself
  • It does the job of calculating payroll taxes.
  • QuickBooks Basic Payroll service misses a lot of functionalities. The prominent one is that you cannot pay the 1099 employees using QuickBooks Basic Payroll service.
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QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll Service

QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll is an intermediate-level payroll management system for your QuickBooks Desktop version.

  • It comes at a price of $39/month + $2/employee/month
  • This allows you to prepare the W-2 forms for your employees
  • It also allows you to pay the 1099 contractors, unlike its basic counterpart
  • The Enhanced service also allows you to pay the employees with a check or directly in the bank/financial institution
  • This is a solution to your tax problems. It will auto-populate all the tax forms. Just need to review them.
  • You can manage various taxes such as Federal or  State.
  • You can e-File forms & e-Pay taxes from within QuickBooks

QuickBooks Assisted Payroll Service

QuickBooks Payroll Assisted Service is an advanced-level payroll management system for QB Desktop.

  • It’s an all in one accounting solution for you. You get all the premium features that are lacking in the Enhanced and Basic version
  • It starts at a price of $99/month however it can increase depending on the number of employees you have. Intuit provides customized pricing for this service
  • Now, here’s something that makes this package different. The whole payroll management of your company is the responsibility of Intuit only.
  • Tax forms and payments are, made for you. They make sure that you pay no penalties. Year-end forms are, included in the package.  
  • The whole payroll process is independent in this case. You don’t need to review forms. You don’t need to hire a payroll professional.  

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