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How to File a 1099 Misc Form Online? (2024)

how to file 1099 misc

If your business employs contractors and pays them more than $600 during the tax year, you will need to file the 1099 misc form. Now, this might seem like a complicated procedure but you need not fret. It’s actually a straightforward task when you have the right tools in place.  The objective of this article is to explain and provide you with the procedure to prepare the file IRS Form 1099-MISC and teach you how to file 1099 misc form. Now, let us first try and understand what form 1099 is, before we go through the steps of filling out and filing the IRS Form 1099-MISC.

What is Form 1099 Misc?

If you work as a self-employed individual or as a freelancer, then it is mandatory to file a 1099 form. Also, it is mandatory for a company that is hiring you to report tax information. This includes an accurate description of the amount of money a company has paid you during a specific period of time (one tax year). 

Just like how the W-2 form has to be completed by all the employees of the company, 1099 misc is a form for those, who work as non-employees. The IRS uses this form to maintain a record of the various sources of income of a taxpayer.

Business owners use the 1099 misc form to report payments that they have made to contractors and freelancers. Employees don’t have to worry about 1099 forms as they only need to fill W-2 forms to report their financial activities.

Why is the Purpose of a 1099 Misc Form?

Internal Revenue Service requires you to complete the 1099 form in specific cases. Like when you collaborate with the companies as an independent contractor. Also, if you perform specific services for an organization rather than being a constant employee. 

This means, as an independent worker you are able to control what you are working on and how it may be done. An organization. You work with may only monitor or check the result of the work you have performed. 

This document works, for example, for drivers, who work for a ride-sharing company, for graphic designers, landscapers, social media consultants, etc.

How to Fill out a 1099 Misc Form?

how to file a 1099 misc

  1. In order to properly fill out this form, you will have to provide the appropriate information for the following sections:
  2. The recipient’s personal data, including the name, address and his or her telephone number;
  3. Your business’s TIN or Social Security number (only in case you are a sole proprietorship);
  4. Recipient’s identification information;
  5. An account number of a recipient;
  6. Mark the box “2nd TIN not.” in case, you have provided an incorrect tax identification number during the last three years. It is necessary to inform IRS, that now you provide true and accurate data and they don’t need to send you another one notification.

Now, we can move on to the procedure that will explain to you how to file 1099 misc form.

How to File a 1099 Misc Form?

The following are the guidelines on how to file 1099-MISC form:

In order to file this form, there are several measures that you will have to take. This includes collecting the necessary information, submitting Form 1096 if you file a physical copy, sending a copy to the IRS and sending a copy to the independent contractor. You must have the following things for each contractor, which you should be able to find on their individual W-9:

  1. The total amount that you paid to the contractor during the year.
  2. The contractor’s legal name and address.
  3. Contractor’s taxpayer identification number, which is usually their Social Security Number if they’re a sole proprietor or a designated identification number if they’re a resident or non-resident alien.
  4. Fill out the 1099-MISC form using the information that you attained in the 1st step.
  5. Make sure that you submit your Copy B to the Contractor before January 31. This will help them file their own taxes by the deadline.
  6. If you’re filing by mail, make sure that you submit Copy A to the IRS before February 28.
  7. You must also submit the Form 1096, if you have submitted a physical copy of 1099 to the IRS. The 1096 form helps track every 1099 that you are filing for that particular tax year. The deadline for Form 1096 is the same as the deadline for 1099s.
  8. Check whether you need to file your 1099s with your state tax commission. Your CPA will be able to help ensure that you’re compliant with your state’s tax laws.
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How to File 1099 Misc with IRS: Various Methods

By Paper Filing

This is the most common method of filing the form. Copy A of the 1099-K and Copy A of the 1099-MISC must be sent to the IRS for each form that you compile. You must use the official forms that are available on the official IRS. This is important so that their scanning systems are able to read the forms.

By Electronic Filing

In the case of electronic filing, you will need to use a special file formatting software that is managed better by the developers. Anyone who wants to file electronically must apply in order for the IRS to let you file electronically. The IRS prefers this method and there are significant benefits:

  • Combined Federal and State Filing for 34 different states
  • Bulk submission of 1099s
  • No 1096 form required
  • Confirmation that the form was received and processed

And your job is done!

So far, we have discussed what the 1099 misc form is, how to fill it out and how to file it by various methods. Most importantly, we provide Tax Services in New York. We hope that this article has helped you in gaining a better understanding of what the 1099 misc form is and how to file 1099 misc form. Now, it is possible that you have queries that may have been left unanswered in the aforementioned article. Furthermore, you might require assistance in filling out and filing the 1099 form. In such cases feel free to contact our advisers at QASolved.

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