How to Move Quicken from One Computer to Another?

how to move quicken from one computer to another

Quicken is a finance management software used by different organizations. As you get deeper and use Quicken on a daily basis, several questions arise in your mind. One of the most common questions is “how to move Quicken from one computer to another”.

In this blog, you will learn to move Quicken to new computer-based on their versions. But first of all, you have to consider a few points before getting started.

Things to Remember:

  • It is not necessary to buy another copy of Quicken for moving your data file.
  • You should install the same version of Quicken on the computer in which you are moving the file.
  • Subscription Release users can open Quicken from the browser on any system.
  • Although you can backup files, it is suggested not to open or run Quicken on a network.
  • You will have to convert the file; in case the file is moved to a different version of Quicken.

Steps to Move Quicken Manually from one Computer to Another

  • Firstly, open Quicken and go to File.
  • Select Backup and Restore, then choose Backup Quicken File (Ctrl+B).
  • Make a Backup in a local folder.
  • Plugin the removable disk, copy the backup in it and eject the disk.
  • Put the disk in another computer having Quicken.
  • Now, you have to copy the Quicken files into a local folder.
  • Open Quicken and again the go-to File.
  • Select Backup and Restore, then choose Restore from the backup file.
  • Next, go to the folder where you have copied the file and click Restore.

Steps to Transfer Quicken for MAC from one Computer to Another

  • The first step is to install the latest version of Quicken on your new PC.
  • Make a copy of your Quicken file and move to the external disk.
    1. Open Quicken from your old PC and choose File, then select Save a Backup.
    2. Now, backup your file to a disc or USB drive.
  • You need to restore the Quicken file on your new computer by following the steps mentioned below:
    1. Firstly, connect the disk or USB drive to the new PC.
    2. Now, open Quicken and choose File then select Restore from Backup.
    3. Your external drive will be mentioned under the Devices at the left corner.
    4. Choose your device and find your backup file.
    5. Finally, click on Restore This File and save it to a local drive.
    6. In the end, click on Restore.

We have described each step through which you can move Quicken to a new computer easily. For any kind of technical assistance or if you want to know more about how to move Quicken from one computer to another, then talk to our experts at Quicken Support Phone Number. Our technicians are 24/7 available to help you and provide the best solutions.

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