QuickBooks Activation Not Working- Resolved

quickbooks activation not working

QuickBooks Activation Not Working disrupts the activation process and hinders further processes lined up for QuickBooks. Adequate QuickBooks functioning to carry out various tasks and process. The user has to Activate/Register QuickBooks Desktop properly before starting the Installation.

The will illustrate ‘Proper Activation Procedure’ for QuickBooks Desktop and its various versions. Ensure that steps are carried out correctly to prevent QB Activation Issues. Once you complete the QuickBooks Installation, then you have to activate QuickBooks to proceed further.

QuickBooks prompts us to activate, though this is possible via manual activation as well. Let’s get to know how?

How to Activate QuickBooks?

Activate QuickBooks

QuickBooks 2017 & Newer Editions

  • Go to the computer and Open QuickBooks
  • Navigate to Help Menu, and click ‘Activate QuickBooks’
  • Perform the On-screen commands to verify info

After Completion, you can see QuickBooks gets activated, and you can begin working now.

QuickBooks 2016 & Earlier Editions

If could Activate QuickBooks even after following and performing the above steps properly, then there must be some specific reason that is obstructing activation. Refer to the below-given reasons that might have led to QuickBooks Activation Not working. These are:

  1. Incorrect Validation code can cause this. You need to ensure that codes are filled incorrectly. If in spite of doing everything right still you receive an ‘Incorrect validation message,’ then you need to fix this. Refer to the process given later in the article to resolve this.
  2. The mismatch between the Product number on the product and that appears on the screen. Changes to License issues can cause this problem. Refer to the content given later in the article to correct the matter.
  3. You come across a Blank Screen during Activation that has happened due to some Anti-virus hindrance. To resolve, disable the Anti-virus software and again try activation. Additionally, you can consult the Anti-virus service provider as well to correct the issue.

Let’s understand how to resolve problems given in points a) and b) above.

Resolve Validation Code is Incorrect. 

Validation Code is Incorrect

Incorrect Validation code and Product number mismatch are common issues that can lead to QuickBooks Activation Not Working properly. Let’s have a look at the steps to rectify the Validation Code. 

Checkpoints before solution 

Refer to these points before performing solutions.

Ensure that QuickBooks is activated and verify that the License number & the Product code match with the details printed on the QuickBooks Product Package.

  1. For Downloaded Products – Check Purchase Confirmation Email received from Intuit.
  2. QuickBooks CD – If you have purchased QuickBooks on a CD then look for the colored sticker on the Original CD envelope.

Once you have confirmed the above, then begin troubleshooting.

Solution 1: Check Date & Time settings and ensure they are correct

Check Date & Time settings and ensure they are correct

  • Close/Shut QuickBooks Desktop
  • Right-click ‘Time display’ in the Window taskbar, and select ‘Adjust date/time’ option.
  • Click ‘Date & Time’ and keep the date for the current
  • Select ‘Apply’ & press OK
  • Open QB Desktop and choose Help>> Activate QuickBooks >> Start Activation.

Note: In the last point, For Canadian version of QuickBooks, press Help>> Register QuickBooks >> Start registration.

Solution 2 

Here you need to Reset .ecml file. Moreover, understand how to re-create/ remake the damaged EntitlementDataStore.ecml file to correct the license and registration problems.

Solution 3 : Reactivate MSXML

 64-Bit OS- Perform the Below given commands to Activate MSXML. 

  • First Go to Menu, and enter ‘cmd.’ Now right-click ‘Run as Administrator’

Note: In Windows 8, click ‘Windows Key’ & Type ‘cmd.’ Here you can right-click and ‘Run as Administrator.’

  • When at C: prompt, enter cdwindowsSyswow64
  • Enter ‘regsvr32MSXML 4.dll’ & click Enter
  • Enter ‘regsvr32MSXML 6.dll’& click Enter

32 Bit OS- Register MSXML with the below steps               

  • First, open ‘Run’ window & choose ‘Windows Key+R’ on the keyboard
  • Now type in ‘cmd’ and click Enter
  • Type ‘regsvr32 MSXML 4.dll’ & click Enter
  • Type ‘regsvr32 MSXML 6.dll’ & click Enter

Solution 4: RUN QuickBooks Installation Tool 

RUN QuickBooks Installation Tool 

With QuickBooks Install Tool you can rectify this problem quickly.  Download and RUN the QuickBooks Installation Tool.

Solution 5: Create New Windows Admin 

Windows 10 

  • Press start and click settings option
  • Now, select ‘Accounts’ and press on ‘Family & Other Users’
  • When in Other users, press ‘Add someone else to this ’
  • At the base of the page, select ‘I don’t have this individual’s sign-in ’
  • At the base/bottom of the next page, click ‘Add user without a Microsoft account.’
  • Now fill in the New Account name.

Note: It is recommended to give a password to a new account to guarantee security.

  • Click ‘Finish,’ and you will notice that by default the New Account is set as a Standard User.
  • Now select the newly-created account & select Administrator and click OK
  • Once the new user is there, then sign out of Windows and now sign in as a New User.
  • Open QB Desktop, and register by clicking Help>> Activate QB. For the Canada version Click Help>>Register QB>>Initiate Registration.

If you see the problem is corrected, then you can decide whether to keep the New Admin user or Remove it. 

Windows 8

  • Firstly, Open Computer Window and click ‘Windows + ’
  • Click ‘Computer’ option & press ‘Open Control ’
  • Choose ‘User Accounts’ & press on Manage Another Account.
  • When you see Manage Account Window, then click ‘Add a new user in the computer settings’
  • Type in Username and domain name and press NEXT
  • Select ‘Admin access’ and press Finish.
  • Once you have made a new user, then sign-out of Windows and sign-back as New user.
  • Open QuickBooks Desktop and Click Help>> Activate QB >>Start Activation. For the Canadian version of QuickBooks click Help>> Register QB >>Start Registration.

If you see the problem is corrected, then you can choose to keep ‘new admin user’ else remove it and carry on with the current one.

Windows 7

  • Press ‘Windows start’ and click Control Panel
  • Select ‘User Accounts’ and click ‘Manage User accounts’
  • When you see the User Account window opens then select ‘’
  • Now fill in the New User Nam & the domain name and press NEXT
  • Choose Administrator Access for the new user and choose Finish
  • Now Open QuickBooks Desktop, register it selecting Help>>Activate QuickBooks>>Begin activation. For the Canadian version click Help>>Activate QB>> Begin Registration.

If it solves the error, then decide whether you want to keep new admin use or you want to remove and continue using the current one.

Solution 6: Re-Install via QB Clean Install Tool

QuickBooks Clean Install tool

It helps to repair a damaged QuickBooks Desktop function. When you face a situation where a simple re-installation of QuickBooks Desktop does not correct the matter, then it becomes necessary to use QuickBooks Clean Install Tool. The tool first Uninstalls, Renames Installation folders and Re-Installs QuickBooks Desktop.

Note: If you see a message saying ‘Overwrite Protection’- If you want to Overwrite the file that is in use then Click YES. These files are in the ‘Temp Directory,’ and you can overwrite then without any damage to other programs.

Check and confirm the Installation Wizard is filled in for the Correct year and version.

If you see the wrong Product version while installing download then you can carry-out the below-given steps:

  • Close the QB Installation Window
  • Look for Blue and Gray icon for QuickBooks Installer on desktop
  • Double-click the icon to start Installation
  • When you see Installer extracts files, then select ‘YES to All’ when you have been asked to overwrite the currently existing files.

Note: Any type of Failure will launch the Wrong Installer. 

Solution 7 

  • Close down all QuickBooks versions
  • Press CTRL+Alt+Delete and press ‘Start Task ’
  • No click ‘Processes ’
  • Select ‘Image name’ option to sort processes alphabetically.
  • Finish/end any of the processes given in the list
  • QBUPDATE.exe
  • QBW32.exe
  • QuickBooksWebConnector.exe
  • QuickBooksMessaging.exe
  • QBDBMGR.exe
  • Any other remaining processes/tasks starting with QB.
  • Close the Task Manager
  • Install QuickBooks

Incorrect QuickBooks License & Product Number                

Incorrect QuickBooks License Product Number

QuickBooks Activation Not Working hinders workflow and delays your QuickBooks related work. A Wrong QB License & Product number can be the reason behind this error. Let us know how to resolve this issue. Below given are some ways by which you can resolve this issue.

Change the License number Only (For Windows users)

  • Navigate to QB ‘Help menu’ and select ‘Manage my ’
  • Next, click ‘Change my License ’
  • Type in the ‘New license number’ and press NEXT & Finish
  • Restart PC

Note: Restarting your computer at this juncture is important. If you do not restart then the program will provide incorrect product info to the server at a time when you access Company file. If you are on the multi-user mode with many seats, then QuickBooks will show an error that says ‘You exceeded the maximum number of users who can access the company file at a point of time.

Change License Number & product code (For Windows users)

Edit ‘qbregistration.dat’ file to avoid Uninstallation or Reinstallation of product. You can use two methods to edit this file.

Open-File via QuickBooks

  • First, Open the Tech Help window
  • Now press F2 or CTRL+1 and then press F3 or CTRL+2 on your keyboard.
  • Now click option ‘Open File’ tab, & press on ‘qbregistration.dat.’
  • Click on the ‘open file ‘option & you can see the file is opened in Notepad
  • Make a backup for the ‘qbregistration.dat file.’ If there is any typing mistake in the Edited file, then it will restrict QB from opening efficiently. Therefore, ensure to perform the below step properly.
    • Go to Notepad File Menu and select ‘Save As’
    • Now go to the Save as Window and choose ‘Desktop’ and press the Save option
    • Close this file
    • Now you can Re-Open the file from Tech Help window as we did previously.
  • Close QuickBooks, and keep ‘qbregistration.dat file’ file opened in Notepad.

Open-File through Windows Explorer

  • First Open QuickBooks Common Files
  • Next, Right-click ‘qbregistration.dat file’ & press Open With and then go to Notepad.

Note: Go to ‘Other programs section,’ if you do not see Notepad listed as a recommended program and search for it.

  • Create a backup of the ‘QBregistration.dat file.’ If there are any typing mistakes, then QuickBooks might not open properly. Hence, perform the below steps properly.
    • Navigate to Notepad File Menu & click ‘Save As’
    • You are in the Save as Window’, then select Desktop and press on SAVE
    • Close the File and Next Re-Open the file from Common files window.
  • If your QuickBooks is Running then, close it

Change the ‘qbregistration.dat’ file. 

This file, i.e. the ‘qbregistration.dat file’ contains product info for the installed QuickBooks Software. The below-provided section tells the version and edition of every installed program. 

The Version number – 29.0(2019), 28.0(2018), or 27.0(2017)

The Flavor Name- QuickBooks pro- Pro, QuickBooks Premier (Not the accountant Edition)- Super Pro, QuickBooks Premier Accountant- The Accountant, Enterprise Solutions –BEL, Enterprise Solutions Accountant Edition-Belacct

  • Find the QB Version that requires License Info to be changed
  • Now, replace the corresponding ‘Install ID’ with the correct product code. Use this Format when you fill in the numbers – XXX-XXX. Be careful and do not take off any of the brackets.
  • Replace ‘License Number’ with the right License Number. You can use this format when you put in the numbers – XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXX. Do not take off the brackets.
  • In the Notepad File Menu, press SAVE
  • Now Reboot the computer and relaunch QuickBooks Desktop
  • Press F2 to show ‘Product number fields’ to view the changes that occurred.
    • If you see the Product Code remains the same after changing ‘qbregistration.dat file,’ then restart the computer.
    • If you notice that product code has not changed after Rebooting, then you can uninstall and reinstall QuickBooks with the help of correct License number and product code.


Get our expert Quickbooks ProAdvisor on call to resolve your query in no-time.

Change the License Number & Product code (For MAC Users)

  • Firstly, Open the QuickBooks Desktop for MAC
  • Now from QB Menu, press ‘Manage My license’ and press on ‘deauthorize this ’
  • When you receive a prompt, then press ‘Deauthorize & ’
  • Re-Open QB and do the registration process that permits you to enter a different license.

That is all for this blog. QuickBooks Activation not working is an annoying issue and should be resolved immediately. Hopefully, the above steps were helpful and guided you with the right methods to amend the problem. For any assistance and query, speak to a Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor.

If you ever feel the need of taking advice from your fellow business owners that happened to be our existing subscribers, you can visit our thriving QuickBooks Community. It has numerous answered questions that could lead  to resolving many of your QuickBooks related problems.

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