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Top 9 QuickBooks Add-Ons in 2024

QuickBooks Add-Ons

As we step into 2024, businesses are continually seeking ways to streamline their financial processes and enhance overall efficiency. QuickBooks has long been a reliable accounting software, and its integration with various add-ons offers various opportunities for businesses to tailor their accounting systems to meet specific needs. Some of the best QuickBooks Add-Ons in 2024 include Dext Prepare, Transaction Pro, Qvinci, Insightly CRM, SOS Inventory, Bill and more.

In this article, we will discuss these and more, exploring how these applications can elevate your accounting experience and contribute to the seamless operation of your business.

What are QuickBooks Add-ons?

QuickBooks add-ons are the third-party apps that extend the software’s capabilities. These apps aid in cost savings, ensure data accuracy, automate information processing, enhance data security, and support CRM functionality for businesses.

What are the Top Quickbooks Add-Ons in 2024?

1. Dext Prepare (Receipt Bank) – 4.5 stars 

Recognized in 2023 as the Best Accounting Cloud-Based Software Company (SME News)

The first QuickBooks add-on for 2024 is Dext, formerly known as Receipt Bank. Effortlessly extract cost data with Dext Prepare’s Optical Character Recognition (OCR), boasting 99% accuracy and AI capabilities for decoding handwriting. Achieve seamless integration with 1,400+ suppliers, ensuring swift transmission of cost data to QuickBooks for simplified tax compliance. Tailored for bookkeepers, accountants, or business owners, Dext offers customizable plans and pricing, ranging from standard document collection to advanced client comparisons. Simplify the process and consolidate all your data on a single platform, readily shareable with QuickBooks.

Pricing: Dext’s pricing starts at $19.95 per month but may vary depending on the business’s needs.

2. Transaction Pro – 4 stars

As the trusted name in data imports since 2005, Transaction Pro provides a secure solution for QuickBooks. With a straightforward one-time mapping process, the tools make it effortless to move transactions and lists between QuickBooks and Excel or CSV files, saving you time and ensuring error-free data. 

Designed for ease of use, Transaction Pro ensures quick job completion without a steep learning curve. Leveraging the latest Intuit APIs, guarantees fast uploads, constantly adding features for maximum performance. 

Pricing: You can experience a 7-day risk-free trial, and choose from flexible pricing plans starting as low as $10 per month.

3. Qvinci – 4.5 stars

#1 Reporting App in the Intuit Store

Qvinci boosts customization and real-time publishing of business intelligence, KPIs, and financial reports. It provides customizable visibility into revenue, expenses, and cash for various reporting clients or business locations. The platform encourages proactive issue resolution using red arrows and trending charts. 

Integrated with QuickBooks, Qvinci offers seamless access to financial data, a single login, streamlined workflow, and reduced processing time/costs. The tool aims to enhance operational efficiency and profitability, justifying its nominal cost.

Pricing: Qvinci’s standard pricing is $23.95 per month per reporting entity, class, or location.

4. Insightly CRM – 4.5 stars

Insightly is a leading online CRM solution designed for SMBs, boasting over 1.5 million users worldwide. 

Tailored for Gmail, G Suite, and Outlook, Insightly empowers users to build relationships, generate quotes, accelerate sales, and handle projects. Offering a unique combination of CRM and Project Management, Insightly ensures comprehensive visibility into your business operations. Streamline your sales pipelines and customer relationships with Insightly’s versatile capabilities.

Pricing: Insightly CRM has three pricing plans, with the lowest price being $29 per user per month.

5. SOS Inventory – 4.5 stars

SOS Inventory is a QuickBooks add-on that syncs data between QuickBooks Online and SOS Inventory. It’s designed to match QuickBooks’ fields and enhance the software for advanced inventory requirements. SOS Inventory adds hundreds of inventory features for control over backend operations. It also fills in gaps that QuickBooks Online has, such as managing backorders, calculating average cost, and negative stock-on-hand.

Pricing: SOS Inventory is affordable for any small business, starting at just $59.99/month for two users.

6. QuickBooks Time (TSheets) – 4 stars 

QuickBooks Time, formerly known as TSheets is a QuickBooks add-on, that simplifies time tracking seamlessly. Ideal for businesses, it offers efficient integration, aiding in precise payroll processing. With GPS tracking and real-time monitoring, TSheets ensures accurate time data, making it a valuable tool for both employers and employees.

Pricing: QuickBooks Time, formerly TSheets, has two paid plans: Premium and Elite. Both plans have a base fee and a per-user fee: Premium is $8 per user per month.

7. Bill.com – 4 stars

Most popular QuickBooks payment app in 2021. 

Bill, a QuickBooks add-on, simplifies financial processes for businesses. Set up fast approval workflows, pay domestic and international bills with ease, and enjoy a smooth audit trail. Reduce manual data entry using IVA, your intelligent virtual assistant powered by AI. BILL simplifies bill pay with automated workflows, paperless document management, QuickBooks integration, and mobile access. Save time, increase efficiency, and gain total financial control.

Pricing: Bill.com’s pricing starts at $45 per user per month, and it has four different plans. Bill.com also offers a free trial, but transaction fees apply to debit and credit card payments during the trial period.

8. Shopify Connector by QuickBooks – 2.5 stars

Shopify, a QuickBooks add-on, integrates e-commerce data into QuickBooks and streamlines financial processes for efficient tracking and management. This integration enhances the synergy between Shopify’s online store and QuickBooks, providing a smooth experience for businesses looking to manage their finances effectively.

Pricing: QuickBooks Sync by Bold: $59.99 per month is available with no additional charges.

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9. Synder – sync… – 4.5 stars

Supports 25+ platforms and multi-currency.

Sync all your sales channels seamlessly with QuickBooks, including Stripe, Shopify, PayPal, Amazon, and more. Effortlessly import historical transactions or undo syncs in a click. Synder’s smart rules auto-categorize income and expenses, enabling 1-second bank reconciliation. Record detailed daily or per-transaction summaries for perfect P&L, inventory, and sales reports. Auto-synchronize eCommerce and payment platforms with QuickBooks in the background. The duplicate detector and 1-click rollback ensure 100% accuracy. Enjoy a free trial without any credit card requirement. Choose between Daily Summary or Per Transaction sync.

Pricing: Synder has three pricing editions, ranging from $48.80 to $220 per month.

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We hope this has helped you to learn about the efficient ways to enhance your overall QuickBooks experience. We hope this list helps to give your business an edge in 2024. 

Dext Prepare’s AI capabilities and Qvinci’s real-time publishing have resulted in the two applications being standouts in 2023. Both have not only gained terrific reviews from their users but have also been lauded by accounting industry experts. Deciding the best add-ons for you is a user-unique journey, depending on your specific needs.

In case of any queries, feel free to reach out to our QuickBooks assistants on our Toll-Free Number at +1-855-875-1223 or mail us at [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

How do QuickBooks add-ons work?

QuickBooks add-ons typically integrate seamlessly with the QuickBooks platform, expanding its capabilities. Users can install these add-ons and often configure settings within QuickBooks to enable integration. The add-ons then pull relevant data from QuickBooks or push data back into it, allowing users to streamline their workflow and access additional features within the familiar QuickBooks interface.

What types of tasks can QuickBooks add-ons assist with?

QuickBooks add-ons cover a wide range of functionalities. Some common areas include e-commerce integration, time tracking, expense management, customer relationship management (CRM), point of sale (POS) systems, and specialized industry solutions. Users can choose add-ons based on their specific business needs to optimize their accounting processes.

Are QuickBooks add-ons compatible with different QuickBooks versions?

Compatibility can vary among QuickBooks add-ons. Most reputable add-on providers ensure compatibility with various versions of QuickBooks, including QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop. However, users should always check the compatibility requirements specified by the add-on provider before installation.

How can I find and install QuickBooks add-ons?

Users can find QuickBooks add-ons through the Intuit App Store or other third-party marketplaces. Once a suitable add-on is identified, installation is usually straightforward. Users can follow the provided instructions, which often involve logging into their QuickBooks account, authorizing the integration, and configuring settings as needed. Additionally, users should explore reviews and ratings to ensure the chosen add-on meets their expectations.

How to install a feature add-on in QuickBooks Time?

1. Go to the Feature Add-ons menu on the left side of the screen. 
2. Select Manage Add-ons 
3. Find the add-on in the list 
4. Select Install 

You can also search for apps by opening QuickBooks and selecting Apps on the left panel. If you don’t know the app’s name, you can select Browse from the drop-down menu.

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