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How to Fix QuickBooks Bad Gateway Error 502? 

How to Fix QuickBooks Bad Gateway Error 502

Missing Deadlines and getting scolded due to Error Code 502 Bad Gateway? This isn’t an issue only with you. Bad Gateway errors occur quite more often and their troubleshooting techniques are quite easy, leaving you with no worries.

This article will help you out in putting the error away and relieving you from the scolding’s of missing deadlines. 

What is a QuickBooks 502 Bad Gateway Error?

When the HTTP status code server doesn’t receive a valid response from another server, it leads to a Bad Gateway Error. 

Almost all browsers save some cache when we visit a page so as to reach the same page again steadily, leaving saved cache memory behind . When this cache memory gets filled, an error 502 can occur.

There are various other reasons too for the occurrence of the problem which we’ll be talking about in the following article.

QuickBooks 502 Error Bad Gateway

When is the error faced?

The error can be faced :

  • While running payroll at QuickBooks application
  • Updating QuickBooks Online app
  • Attempting login into the online app
  • Downloading or viewing forms in browser

Possibilities of Occurrence of  502 Bad Gateway Error

Apart from the gateway error, there are several other reasons listed below due to which the error may occur : 

  • One of the main reasons could be not clearing the browsing history for a long time. If your browsing history is full, then it can create problems such as this gateway error.
  • Your system can be attacked by a trojan virus or malware attack.
  • If you haven’t added the Intuit Website as a trusted website in your browser, it could be creating this issue.
  • When the QuickBooks application’s cache memory gets filled, it too shows a gateway error.

Techniques to solve QuickBooks 502 Bad Gateway Error

As the error can generate a lot of problems, it becomes a necessity to try several techniques in order to resolve the error. The techniques differ for different browsers. We will be talking about Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer below.

Technique 1 – To clear Cookies and Cache of Browser

Clearing Cache of browser is an easy and convenient technique which can swiftly solve the issue. You can use the steps for different browsers given accordingly.

Clearing the cache of QB

For Internet Explorer : 

  • Commence with launching the internet explorer on your system.
  • Open Tools option through the top and choose Internet Options.
  • Go at the General Tab and select Delete.
  • Mark Temporary Internet Files and Cookies boxes.
  • Click at Delete and you are good to go.

For Google Chrome : 

  • Open Google Chrome and select the three dots at the top right corner.
  • Select More Tools and then click at Clear Browsing Data.
  • Ensure to select All Time in the Time Range List
  • Mark Cookies and other site data, Cached Images and Files and Browsing History boxes.
  • Click on Clear Data.

For Firefox : 

  • Open the firefox browser and click the three bars at the top right corner.
  • Go to Options and select Privacy and Security.
  • Mark Cookies and Site Data and Cached Web Content.
  • Press Clear.

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Technique 2 – Clearing Cache of QuickBooks Application

If clearing cache of browser doesn’t work, you can opt for clearing cache of QuickBooks Online Desktop App.

  • Open the application and select Reset App Data in the Help tab. 
  • Restart the application and vouch for the error 502.

Reset App Data

Technique 3 – Adding Intuit as a Trusted Website in Browser’s Settings

Not adding Intuit as a trusted browser in your website can too arise the issue. You can add it using the following steps.

Adding Intuit as trusted site

For Safari on Mac : 

  • After opening Safari browser, type intuit.com in the address space and click Enter.
  • Go to Bookmarks and click on Add Bookmarks.
  • Select Top Sites from Add this page to drop down list and add.
  • Verify if the error has been resolved.

For Internet Explorer : 

  • Open the application and select Tools.
  • Click Internet Options and select Trusted sites in the Security Tab.
  • Click Sites, type intuit.com and unmark the server for requiring server verification for all the sites.
  • Select Add and then Close and Ok.

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Technique 4 – Enabling Active Scripting in Internet Explorer

  •  Go to the Internet Options in the Tool Menu.Verifying the settings of Active scripting in the internet explorer
  • Open Internet Icon in the Security Tab.
  • Press Custom level and enable Active Scripting.

Internet explorer settings

  • Click Ok and restart the application.

Technique 5 –  Using QuickBooks Account in Web Browser

If you are still facing issues regarding Bad Gateway , you can try using your QuickBooks Account via Web Browser instead of the Online App.

  • Visit Intuit online using any web browser.
  • Fill in your credentials for the QuickBooks Account.
  • Click at the Help icon and Go at Contact us.
  • Choose 502 gateway in what can we help you field and click let’s talk.

Technique 6 – Scanning for Virus in System

In Spite of trying the above techniques, if you still are not able to solve the error, it may be a possibility that your system is infected with a virus or malware attack. You can try installing antivirus softwares to get rid of that issue.

502 bad gateway

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The above article has stated various techniques to rectify QuickBooks 502 Bad Gateway Error,  that each individual can employ easily and solve the issue. Is the error still arising? No need to worry! Why are we here? 

You can contact the QuickBooks Online Support Executive and get the error resolved. Reach out to us at any time via call at QuickBooks Error Support  and talk to professionals who will conveniently help you out.


Q1 – How can I enable Active Scripting to resolve the QuickBooks 502 gateway error?

Ans. – You can find the steps to enable active scripting at Technique 4 in the given article.

Q2 – How can I refresh the page of the browser while encountering QuickBooks App 502 Gateway Error?

Ans. –  In order to refresh the page, press the F5 button on the keyboard or you can either go to the top left corner and click Reload this page icon.

Q3 – How to Reset the Application Data to fix the QuickBooks 502 Gateway Error?

Ans. – You can find the solution to this problem at technique 2 in the article.

Q4 – How do I resolve a QuickBooks Gateway Error 502?

Ans. – We have provided the article which depicts various techniques to solve the error. You can also contact the QuickBooks Online Support Executives via call at the QuickBooks Error Support and resolve the error.

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