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QuickBooks POS Financial Exchange Error

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quickbooks pos financial exchange error

Makers of QuickBooks have produced a fine and efficient product that is equipped to handle all business needs and records maintenance. QuickBooks POS is an ideal fit for the small or medium-sized business to keep track of your POS activity that contains sales as well as inventory-related activities.

However, this smooth-functioning often is disrupted because errors and issues are coming in QuickBooks. QuickBooks POS Financial Exchange Error is one such error that is caused due to the syncing problem between two software. 

What is QuickBooks POS Financial Exchange Error

The task of your QB Financial exchange software is to track your financial data. When the data exchange between two programs occurs. It reduces work pressure, and you can easily monitor sales activities in QuickBooks Point of Sale system. You can shift the data directly to your financial software without filling in the info for the second time.

The user may find an error when approaching QB Financial software to run an “inventory report”.  The error message says- No money displayed in the inventory assets”.

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Reasons for QuickBooks POS Financial Exchange Error

Several factors can cause QuickBooks POS financial Exchange error. Some of the more occurring reasons are listed below.

  • The Activity Log error– At times, the log file creates issues, within the system itself. If you face any issue, then verify the “Activity Log” in the financial>> go to the Financial Look if you are facing any such issue, the log will tell you what the issue/ is
  • The Mapping accounts– You need to see if there are any issues with your mapping accounts. Of that is the case, then you need to verify the “default mapping accounts set up in a file”>> go to preferences>> company>> accounts.

Even after performing the above steps, if the problem remains the same, you find your transactions created in QuickBooks from the “Receiving vouchers.” How to go there, let’s see.

  • Click Purchasing
  • Select the “receiving History tab.”
  • Select on voucher
  • Click “I Want To.. button”.
  • Click to “reflect Financial Details.”

Solutions to Fix QB POS Financial Exchange Error

Solution 1: Check the Activity log

  • Operate the activity log.
  • Select the Financial Centre.
  • If you are not getting any error that means the error is resolved.

Solution 2: Announce Mapping account

  • Select File Menu and Go to the Preferences.
  • Then, choose the company and handle the accounts.
  • Lastly, match the settings.

Solution 3: For QuickBooks Version 5

  • Run the Point of Sale.
  • Choose Sales History and then select Receipt Causing Error.
  • Select Financial and Mark the document and click on OK.

Solution 4: For QuickBooks Version 6 and QuickBooks Version 10

  • Look at the receipt number that is displaying in the error.
  • Choose POS and Scan Sales History.
  • Place and choose the Receipt in the error.
  • Select I want to.
  • Click on View Financial History.
  • Choose Mark this document and then click on OK.
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Solution 5: Below are the options, if you are still getting the error

  • Select Purchasing and Choose History Tab.
  • Click on Among the Vouchers.
  • Choose I want to. Button.
  • Then, select “Show Financial Details”.

Above provided article has elaborated on how to fix the “QB POS Financial Exchange Error” if you face any issue in understanding the above steps. It is advised to speak to a technical expert at QuickBooks Support Number.

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