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Resolve Quicken OL Error Messages When Using Online Services

Quicken OL Error

Error messages OL-220, OL-221, OL-222, OL-223, OL-224, OL-225, or OL-226 may be encountered while using Quicken’s online services, preventing the download of transactions. Banks create Quicken files in a specific format for easy transaction downloads into Quicken. Yet, changes to these files can sometimes disrupt the download process.

This article examines the solutions to all the Quiken OL Errors mentioned above. It also explores the important points you should remember before resolving the OL errors of Quicken

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Points to Remember Before Quicken OL Error Troubleshoot

1. Bank Website Verification: Even if you log in to your bank’s website without issues, a Quicken error may be caused by problems with the file sent by the bank. Check your bank’s website for the status of their services and files.

2. VPN Considerations: Using a VPN with Quicken may cause errors. To fix connectivity issues, disable the VPN for smoother communication between Quicken and your bank.

3. Connection Refresh: To ensure you’re working with the latest data from your financial institution, follow the recommended steps to refresh the connection. This process may resolve certain errors, but keep in mind that more complex issues might require intervention from your bank.

4. Authorization for New Accounts: If you encounter errors while adding a new account to Quicken, consider that the bank may require explicit authorization from you to grant access. Check the bank’s website for prompts related to approving access. Contacting the bank for assistance may be necessary in such cases.

5. Bank Resolution: Recognize that some errors may ultimately need resolution from your bank’s end. If your troubleshooting efforts within Quicken do not yield results, reaching out to your bank’s customer support or technical assistance may be the next step in resolving the issue.

6. Documentation: Keep a record of the error messages, the steps you’ve taken to troubleshoot, and any relevant information. This documentation can be helpful when seeking assistance from Quicken helpdesk or your bank.

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7. Software Updates: Ensure that your Quicken software is up-to-date. Check for any available updates and install them, as they may include bug fixes and improvements that address known issues.

Steps to Identify and Address Quicken OL Errors

To pinpoint the financial institution responsible for the error and swiftly address it, follow these steps:

1. Open the “Tools” menu and navigate to “One Step Update Summary.” Here, you can identify the specific bank associated with the OL error in question.

2. Confirm the accuracy of the error code you’ve encountered. Ensure it matches one of the following: OL-220, OL-221, OL-222, OL-223, OL-224, OL-225, or OL-226. This step is crucial to determine if the issue aligns with the covered errors outlined in the subsequent steps.

3. Open the register corresponding to the bank account generating the error.

4. At the top right of the register, click “Account Actions,” represented by either a button or a gear icon.

5. Select “Update Now” to initiate the update process if the error code corresponds to OL-220, OL-221, OL-222, OL-223, OL-224, OL-225, or OL-226.

If the Update Now process fails to resolve the issue, consider updating your accounts on the next business day. Occasionally, the encountered error may stem from a temporary outage or maintenance on the financial institution’s server, which could potentially be resolved by the following day.

Persistence of the Issue

If the problem persists after waiting, the next step is to determine the connection type of the affected account(s). Navigate to Tools > Account List, locate the affected account(s), and confirm the connection type indicated in parentheses () in the Transaction Download column.

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Connection Types and Resolution Steps

1. Direct Connect:

If your account relies on Direct Connect, reach out to your financial institution for resolution. Quicken lacks direct access to the financial institution’s servers, and this issue may require contacting an online services specialist at the financial institution who deals specifically with transaction download problems. If your financial institution is unable to assist, escalating the matter may become necessary.

2. Express Web Connect:

For accounts connected through Express Web Connect, seek assistance from Quicken assistance.

3. Web Connect (Importing a QFX file):

If you encounter this error while downloading a .QFX file directly from your bank’s website, the issue likely lies with the file itself. Contact your bank for assistance in resolving this specific problem.

Final Thoughts

In navigating the complexities of OL-220, OL-221, OL-222, OL-223, OL-224, OL-225, or OL-226 errors during online services, it’s essential to recognize the intricate relationship between Quicken and financial institutions. The collaborative effort in maintaining formatted Quicken files for smooth transactions sometimes encounters disruptions. As mentioned in the article, it is worth noting that a successful login to your bank’s website doesn’t necessarily guarantee error-free Quicken transactions, as issues may stem from the files transmitted by the bank. The involvement of VPNs can also introduce complications. 

By following these recommendations, Quicken users can navigate through any difficulties in the process. In case you have any queries, feel free to reach out to our Quicken experts using our Toll-Free Number at +1-855-875-1223.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is error code OL-393 in Quicken?

Quicken OL-393 error typically occurs when there is an issue connecting to your financial institution. It may be due to temporary server problems on the bank’s side, incorrect login credentials, or changes in the account. To resolve this, ensure your login credentials are accurate, update Quicken, and contact your financial institution if the issue persists.

What is error code OL-362 in Quicken?

Quicken OL-362 error is related to connectivity issues between Quicken and your financial institution. This error may be caused by temporary server problems, changes in the account, or incorrect credentials. To address this, verify your login details, update Quicken, and consider deactivating and reactivating the affected accounts.

Why is Quicken unable to establish an Internet connection?

Quicken may be unable to establish an internet connection due to various reasons, including issues with your internet service provider, firewall settings, or antivirus software. Ensure that your internet connection is stable, check firewall and antivirus settings to allow Quicken access, and update Quicken to the latest version.

What is error code OL-301 in QuickBooks?

QuickBooks and Quicken are separate software programs. Error code OL-301 is specific to Quicken and indicates a problem connecting to your financial institution. If you’re experiencing issues in QuickBooks, you’ll need to look for error codes or messages specific to QuickBooks for troubleshooting.

How to fix Quicken Error Code OL-220-A?

Quicken Error Code OL-220-A is typically associated with connectivity issues. To resolve this error:

1. Verify your internet connection is stable.
2. Confirm your Quicken software is up to date.
3. Deactivate and reactivate the affected accounts.
4. Check that your login credentials are correct.

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