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How to Merge QuickBooks Company Files?

merge quickbooks files

The users can merge two QuickBooks files with the help of Combine Reports feature available in QuickBooks Desktop. This will help you include balance sheets, profit, and loss, copy transactions and generate reports and more. In this blog, you will learn how to merge QuickBooks files, different points to remember before performing the steps and type of files you cannot merge.

Points to Remember when you Merge QuickBooks Files

  • The combined reports should be very easy to read, create Chart of Accounts identical in different company files.
  • Accounts can only be merged if they have same name, type and same gradable level.
  • Accounts will not be merged if:
    1. They are at different levels (for example: “Telephone” account cannot be combined with “Telephone” sub-account).
    2. They have different spelling. (‘telephone’ cannot be merged with ‘phone’).
    3. They have different account numbers.
  • You might have to log in to your files and turn them to multi-user mode to make space for the combination routine.

You Cannot Merge Following Data

  1. Payroll checks are combined in the form of regular checks therefore, they won’t be displayed in payroll reports.
  2. Memorized Transactions are not transferred from the secondary files.
  3. QuickBooks does not support merging of Bank Reconciliations.
  4. Data files having negative inventory and assembly builds are hard to merge.
  5. Data files containing sales tax items and groups, as they get modified eventually.
  6. Customer Notes and To-Do Lists cannot be merged.
  7. Customer fields from transactions are impossible to merge.

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Steps to Merge Two QuickBooks Company Files

Method 1: Use built-in combined reports feature

QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise contains built-in feature that helps you merge reports from different company files. With the help of this feature, you can merge following reports:

  • Balance Sheet Standard
  • Balance Sheet Summary
  • Profit & Loss Standard
  • Profit & Loss by Class
  • Statement of Cash Flows
  • Trial Balance

Follow the steps mentioned below to combine reports in QuickBooks Enterprise:

  1. Firstly, go to QuickBooks Reports menu and then choose Combine Reports from Multiple Companies.
  2. Choose Add Files >> navigate to another company file >> Open.
  3. Repeat the same for additional files.
  4. From the “select reports for combining”, choose the reports you want to merge.
  5. Fill the From and To date range fields.
  6. Now choose a report basis.
  7. Choose Combine Reports in Excel. An excel sheet will appear with combined information.
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Method 2: Use a third-party software for QuickBooks Pro or Premier

The Intuit Marketplace offers various services supported by QuickBooks Desktop. There are several programs which enable you to combine reports from multiple company files.

Method 3: Export reports manually

  1. Open the first data file and create a report for this file.
  2. Export the report in Excel worksheet and save it.
  3. Now open the second data file and create the same report.
  4. Export the report to new Excel sheet and save it.
  5. Open Microsoft Excel and workbook.
  6. You have to manually merge two reports in another worksheet.
  7. Lastly, save the workbook.

This article will you understand the concept of how to merge QuickBooks files. Follow the steps mentioned above to merge two company files. If you face any problem with QuickBooks merge company files feature then get in touch with our experts to get an instant solution. Call us on our QuickBooks Desktop Support Number.

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