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How to Resolve QuickBooks Error 16638 85757?

quickbooks error 16638 85757

QuickBooks Error 16638 85757 is one of the common and unexpected errors present in older versions of QuickBooks. This error generally occurs why you are trying to open any damaged company file. It occurs when you go for online banking. Sometimes, while working with QuickBooks an unexpected error occurs that specifies QuickBooks Error 16638 85757 on the screen.

Causes of QuickBooks Error 16638 85757

QuickBooks Error 16638 85757 may occur due to many reasons. Given below are a few causes:

  • Your QuickBooks company file is damaged.
  • You are attempting to access the company file on a network rather than a local drive on your system.
  • QuickBooks Desktop has some issue in accessing the file while using online banking.

How to Resolve QuickBooks Error 16638 85757?

Though QuickBooks Error 16638 85757 does not occur in the latest versions of QuickBooks, it was a big and important issue that occurred in older versions of QuickBooks.

Steps to resolve Error 16638 85757 are given below:

  • Try reopening your company file (.qbw) on which the error is generated.
  • Check the path of the company file.
  • You must confirm if QuickBooks file path is expecting to find the company file is the same as the company file location on the Product Information Screen.
  • To open this screen,
  • Open QuickBooks.
  • Press F2.
  • Open Production Information.
  • Verify the path in both cases.

NOTE: If your file is on a network drive of your system, follow the following steps to resolve QuickBooks Error 16638 85757:

  • Open the folder in which your company file is present on the network drive.
  • Copy your company file.
  • Paste it on any local drive.
  • Repair your online banking function that generated the error before.
  • If the same error is produced, your company file (.qbw) is surely damaged.
  • In order to resolve damaged file issue, follow the steps given below
  • You must try to reopen your company file (.qbw). This file must be the same as the file on which error is generated by QuickBooks.
  • For your company file search for its path on your system.
  • Open QuickBooks Desktop on your system.
  • Press F2 to open Production information page of QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Now, check if the path where QuickBooks is expecting to find your company file is the same as the company file location on your Production Information page.
  • Verify the path in both the cases and follow further steps.

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How to Verify Company File?

QuickBooks includes a utility feature to check for damage. QuickBooks has made verification of a company file a routine procedure.

In order to verify your company file follow the following path:

  • File>Utilities>Verify Data.
  • When you reach here, file verification begins on its own and update status is displayed on the screen.
  • Under normal conditions, the verification process completes itself without showing any errors.
  • If no error is found, you can click OK and move further to complete other tasks.
  • If QuickBooks finds a problem during the verification process, the warning screen is generated that specifies the problem and how to fix it.

You must use the Rebuild Data function to fix the problems and use QuickBooks Desktop with smooth.

With a number of possible solutions of QuickBooks Error 16638 85757, you can easily resolve this common error by using the above steps. In case, the error still persists, you can happily contact at QuickBooks Error Tech Support Number.

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