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What is QuickBooks Pro? – A Comprehensive Guide

quickbooks pro

QuickBooks Pro is a software that is built specifically for businesses that don’t require advanced inventory features. It is not a good fit for a manufacturing business that requires to create a bill of materials.

QuickBooks Pro Pricing- $299.95

Maximum number of Users- 3

It is an accounting software solution designed to provide small and midsize customers’ financial needs. Moreover, the software provides robust functionalities to its users like an option to create the invoice, generate financial statements, and manage accounts payable. Apart from this, it has the capacity to hold up to 14,500 vendors, customers, and employees. Hopefully, with the explanation you have got the idea of what is QuickBooks Pro.

The accounting software carries lots of flexible accounting features that make business accounting tasks trouble-free. Let’s try and gain a better understanding of the various features of the software.

Features of QuickBooks Pro

Here are the list of notable features of QB Pro:

  • Easy to Use

QuickBooks Pro takes time to master the software. At the initial stage, you might face a little bit of difficulties in setting up the software. Once you learn the process of setup, you can easily use it on your system.

Four invoicing templates, as well as custom invoice template options, can also be chosen by QuickBooks users. There is an option to customize a color theme, font, and other additional information shown on the screen. Along with this, a layout designer for advanced customization is quite an interesting feature.

  • Contact Management

The specific feature allows you to keep track of vendors, customers, and employees. Along with this, the general information like name, email, phone, fax, company name, can be saved. Also, it allows you to add advanced data counting maps and directions.

You have got the permission to enable live bank feeds, download and import bank statements into QB Pro through online files. Most importantly, you are not permitted to categorize multiple transactions at the same time.

  • Reports

The feature provides you with the facility to make 130 reports and a few graphs. Along with this, you have a choice to mark reports as favorites, so that you can access it easily. The report feature in the 2020 version has separate columns to view class totals or customer details.

  • Letter Templates

If you have Microsoft Word, then the process of preparing letters directly from the software becomes simple. Letter templates feature provides you with a dozen of pre-built templates and also the ability to create templates. Each template is customizable and you can print or send as email attachments to the client.

The accounting software offers multi-currency support for 155 different currencies. If you enable multi-currency support in QB Pro, then you won’t be able to use the income tracker, insight, or bill tracker features. In case you are opting for the multi-currency support, download the most recent exchange rates periodically within the software.

  • Project Management

You will find the feature placed under the customers’ option. The project management feature in Pro is easy to use. The feature permits you add the description, job type, and start/end dates of the specific customer.

  • Spell Checker

Spell checker in Quick Books Pro checks the spelling in the description, message fields, memo, notes on a variety of forms. If you see the spelling button in the form of a window, you can spell-check most of the fields where you have added the text. You can recognize words to ignore and add custom spelling words.

  • Sales Receipt

QuickBooks Pro helps you in producing sales receipts for new transactions at the time of receiving payment for a service or a product. Receipts become useful when customers make returns or exchange of the products.

Benefits of QuickBooks Pro

The benefits that you can avail of after purchasing the QuickBooks Pro Software are:

  • Income

QuickBooks Pro helps in collecting the payments from various clients at one platform. It will help you in managing your transactions, like debit and credit card payments comprising of invoicing and sales tax.

  • Expenditure

The software offers tools to keep a proper track of outstanding payments and bills. It also offers tools to track inventory items from the multiple locations without any hindrance. Moreover, it includes the feature of tracking expenditure and income in different currencies.

  • Planning

QuickBooks Pro not only helps in capturing accounting data but also plays a major role in your long-term operations of the business. It has the ability to maintain customized reports for making business decisions.

  • Documentation

A plethora of commonly used documents, like generating invoices, maintaining reports are automatically generated. QuickBooks Pro offers various templates that will save your time in generating different invoices.

  • Client Focus

After installing Quick Books Pro, you need not to take stress regarding your business growth. As the software will help you to handle all your business functionalities. As a result, you can spend some time with your clients and make plans to enhance your business.

Let’s move on to the next step and know about the errors in Quick Books Pro.

QuickBooks Pro Errors

  • QuickBooks Pro Error Code 6129 0

The particular error occurs when the database connection verification fails. Also, QuickBooks Pro Error Code 6129 0 appears when the software tries to access the company files. The error doesn’t allow you to open company records on your PC.

  • QuickBooks Pro Error Code H202

The specific error pops up on your system screen when users tries to use QB in multi-user mode. QuickBooks Pro Error Code H202 will not permit you to open a company file that is located on another system.

  • QuickBooks Pro Error 404

The error 404 took place on your system when the software gets corrupted. QuickBooks Pro Error 404 occurs when the software installation process is incomplete on your PC.

  • QuickBooks Pro Error 15222

You may come across QuickBooks Pro Error 15222 when Internet Explorer is not set as the default browser. The error may also happens when the registered digital signatures doesn’t work and its function is active in Internet Explorer OS.

  • QuickBooks Pro Error 15227

Incomplete installation of the software may lead to QuickBooks Pro Error 15227. The error may arise when you have deleted any program mistakenly. Besides, there could be multiple reasons for the occurrence of the error.

  • QuickBooks Pro Error 15270

It takes place when you try to download a payroll update or setup file on the PC. Besides, QuickBooks Pro Error 15270 may occur on your PC if the program files are accurately copied from the installation source.

  • QuickBooks Pro Error 3371

If you are getting QuickBooks Pro Error 3371, then it means that you are using an outdated Windows operating system. It might be possible that virus threat has corrupted QB Pro related program files or Windows system files.

  • QuickBooks Pro Error 1334

Virus or malware threats may be reason behind QuickBooks Pro Error 1334. In addition, the particular error is appeared due to the incomplete installation of software or updates.

  • QuickBooks Pro Error The File Exists

The particular error message will be visible on your PC screen in case of slow internet connection. QuickBooks Pro Error The File Exists may also arise if QB desktop application is outdated.

  • QuickBooks Pro Error 12007

The error generally takes place when web browser doesn’t support QuickBooks. Along with this, QuickBooks Pro Error 12007 will pop up on screen if the internet is not working properly.


Hopefully, by now you know most of the things about QuickBooks Pro software. The blog has provided you with an overview of the various features of QuickBooks Pro. Furthermore, it explains to you what is QuickBooks Pro. Also, it tells you about the limitations of QuickBooks Pro software and how to use it. Along with this, we have also provided you with different reviews of the software above. So, if you ever decide to purchase this software, you will know whether it is suitable for you or not.

In case you want to know more about QuickBooks Pro Desktop, dial QuickBooks Support Phone Number.

Frequently Asked Questions
Ques- Can you tell me that QuickBooks Pro is fit for which business type?

Ans- QuickBooks Pro is a good choice for small and mid-sized companies. The software will be managing all your accounting tasks

Ques- What are the benefits of QuickBooks Pro for your business?

Ans- These are some of the benefits of using QB Pro for your business:
QuickBooks pro is user-friendly for the business.
Create innumerable financial reports.
It tracks sales and automatically creates receipts.
The software helps in managing the money of small businesses.
The feature in QB Pro helps in recording expense billing.

Ques- Can I learn QuickBooks Pro easily?

Ans- Yes, it is quite easy to learn the software as all the basic tutorials offered on the Intuit website with the videos and instructional available in the help section of the tool

Ques- Does QuickBooks Pro contains class tracking?

Answer- Yes, all QuickBooks Desktop version provides a class tracking feature

Ques- Can I use QuickBooks Pro for personal finances?

Ans- It can be used to handle household finance. The accounting software can be used to track personal income and expenses and monitor the cash flow

Ques- Is customer support is given with QB Desktop Pro?

Ans- Yes, unlimited customer support is provided with a Desktop Pro Plus subscription.

Ques- How much does QuickBooks Pro costs?

Ans- QB pro plus costs $299.95 yearly. Rather than paying an on-time fee of $299.95, you need to pay for an annual subscription.

Ques- Why to use QB Pro?

Ans- You can use QuickBooks Pro to manage expenses and sales and it will also keep track of your daily transactions. Along with this, it helps in generating customers invoices, generate reports for planning, paying bills, and filing taxes.

Ques- How should I download QuickBooks Pro?

Ans- You need to follow these steps to download QB Pro:
In the beginning, you need to sign in to Intuit account with the email address that you have been received at the time of purchasing QuickBooks Desktop.
After that, choose QuickBooks desktop.
Now, you need to check the version that you need.
Finally, choose the details to see your product number, license number, and the download link.

Ques- What are the differences between QB Desktop Pro and Desktop Pro Plus?

Ans- QuickBooks Desktop Pro (software license) is supported for 3 years. Once the license term gets expired, you will not receive the support services such as bank feeds, security patches, payroll, payments, or feature updates.
On the other hand, the price of Quick Books Desktop Pro Plus is an annual subscription fee. The Desktop Pro consists all of the additional services at over $399,6 comprising security updates, unlimited support, latest feature upgrades, and data backups.

Reviews of QuickBooks Pro Users

I would like to tell you that, I have used QB Pro in a sole proprietor business. Thus, I do the accounting/QuickBooks work and run the business. I use every important part of the program, and it needs to be usable by non-accountants. It needs to make a complete sense to me so that I can pay attention on my other activities of business, not spending all my time in figuring out how to fix credit errors.

Les Klassen Hamm (Owner) Bitlink Technology

QuickBooks Desktop Pro is equipped for business accounting. I would like to tell you that we have over hundred business clients. Along with this, among these, less than 10% maintain their books on a consistent basis. We offer client write-up and bookkeeping services for the additional clients, and all of these are set up in QB Pro.

David J. Reali, CPA (Business Owner) David J Reali

We use QB Pro daily. It’s used by numerous departments. I use it mainly for bill/account payment purposes. With the help of the software, I keep a track of all payments with the bank/QB connection. Apart from this, we make bills, estimates, POs, and invoices, track payments.

Employee in Finance and Accounting, Cosmetics Company

I use QB Pro for my accounting department. Also, I use to manage General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, and Financial Reporting functions. Furthermore, QuickBooks permits us to have at our disposal the core functionality of a much more robust ERP system for a fraction of the setup, cost, and headaches.

Marc Petrine Controller, Spellbinders

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