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How to Fix Quicken Connectivity Problems?

quicken connectivity problems

Quicken Connectivity problems generally arise when Quicken is unable to establish an internet connection. If you are getting one of the following error codes while using Quicken, then you might have Quicken connectivity problems:

  1. OL-295
  2. OL-296
  3. OL-297

The above errors don’t indicate that the PC has lost the internet connection. It simply means that the Quicken is unable to establish an internet connection.

In this blog, you will study the causes and the solutions of “Quicken connectivity problems”.

Causes of Quicken Connectivity Problems

  1. If the Quicken version is out of date.
  2. The server disruption may also cause Quicken is unable to establish an internet connection.
  3. When privacy programs such as firewalls, pop-up blockers are not organized properly.
  4. If the internet connection is not set up appropriately.

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Solutions to Fix Resolve Quicken Connectivity Problems

Solution 1: Check for a Specific Error Number

  • In one step update summary, search a specific number.
  • Open the search bar, and find the error number.

connectivity troubleshooting in quicken

Solution 2: Verify the Connectivity

You have to check the speed of the internet. It should be more than 25Mbps to run accordingly.

internet speed test in quicken

Solution 3: Configure Privacy and Security Programs

  1. Check whether you are able to establish a secure connection or not – If you are not able to access the financial institution’s website then there can be some temporary issues.
  2. Configure the firewall settings so that you will not restrict to access the internet in Quicken.
  3. Turn off the Pop-up blocker and then try to download the transactions

Solution 4: Remove Adware and Spyware Programs

Adware and spyware programs help you in tracking internet usage. In addition, the spyware probably tries to capture your personal information and transfer it to the third party without your permission. Adware and spyware can restrict connectivity.

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Solution 5: Restore the Default Settings

  • Firstly, Click Start and go to the Control Panel. However, you will find the control panel in the Windows system folder.
  • In the internet option, click on Network and Internet.
  • Open the Security tab, and choose the internet icon.
  • Choose Default level and save the default setting as the default level button is not available if you have already saved the default settings as Medium.

Note: You need to remember that privacy or cookie management can overrule the internet settings.

In the above blog, we have illustrated the reasons behind “Quicken connectivity problems” and the solutions to get rid of this error. We are hoping that the above solutions helped you to fix the error. In case, you are unable to troubleshoot Quicken is unable to establish an internet connection issue then, you are free to reach us at our Quicken Customer Support Number (Toll-Free 24*7).

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