How to Fix TurboTax Updates Not Working Error?

In case TurboTax updates not working is the issue on Windows and Mac OS then, sluggish internet connectivity could be a possible reason for the same. In case your wireless connection gets interrupted or doesn’t work properly, you may face the particular issue. Also, improper settings on your PC could be the reason of the TurboTax update error.

Let’s try to fix the TurboTax updates not working issue with the help of the given steps. You can get timely updates of the software on Windows and Mac after going through the steps.

TurboTax Updates Not Working on Windows

You can get the latest updates of the TurboTax features once you follow these instructions carefully. The steps will help you to perform the various task related to getting the renewed versions of TurboTax:

  1. First, switch on your PC.
  2. Now, check whether your system is connected to the internet or not.
  3. Thereafter, open the TurboTax software on your PC.
  4. Search for the Turbo Tax icon and then click on it.
  5. Click on the online menu option.
  6. You have to click on the check for updates.
  7. In the meantime, software programs get downloaded.
  8. Wait for a while till the program installs the latest software update.
  9. You need to check the system screen if you have received any new notification or any errors regarding the same.
  10. Next, the step is to click on the online menu option.
  11. You have to click on update preferences.
  12. Click on the ok button to check and save.
  13. With this, TurboTax will be configured.
  14. Finally, the software will be updated automatically.

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TurboTax Updates Not Working on Mac

Follow these instructions step by step to get timely TurboTax updates. With this, you can prepare your taxes systematically, with improved TurboTax features on Mac:

  1. To start with, switch on the computer system.
  2. Then, check that your PC is connected to the internet.
  3. Now, go to the TurboTax icon.
  4. Next, click on the icon.
  5. The software will open on your PC.
  6. You need to click on the Turbo Tax menu option.
  7. Select on check for updates.
  8. You need to wait for some time till the TurboTax program gets downloaded on your PC.
  9. Installs the latest software update.
  10. Monitor the computer screen, check for any additional instructions or error messages.
  11. Now, click the TurboTax menu option.
  12. Click on the preferences.
  13. In the end, click on the checkmark box and then click on it to update it automatically.


With the help of the blog, we have discovered the possible causes that are responsible for TurboTax updates not working issue. The reasons that are involved for updates issue are wireless connection, and improper settings in your PC. As per the updates issue, the step by step solutions are given to resolve it on the TurboTax Mac and Windows. You can follow the given instructions to fix the issue right there.

If you are still facing TurboTax updates not working error, you need to dial Toll-free TurboTax Support Phone Number.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q1: Why I am unable to update TurboTax?

A: If you are not able to update TurboTax, then it might be possible that there is improper settings issue on your PC. Also, the software code might be creating the problem. There could be more reasons for the particular issue.

Q2: Do I need to purchase TurboTax?

A: You can use TurboTax without purchasing a CD or downloading via using an online version. The software information gets stored on Intuit’s server, you need to save a pdf of your return at one place.

Q3: How to check TurboTax for updates?

A: If you want to check the TurboTax updates, then you need to go to the online menu and then click on check for updates.

Q4: What to do if I am getting an error even after following the steps of TurboTax updates on Mac?

A: You need to quickly dial Toll-free TurboTax Support Phone Number to get the immediate solution

Q5: What to do if I am not able to understand the steps of TurboTax updates on Windows?

A: In this case, you need to get connected with the professional team of TurboTax software.

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